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Altres històries de la cultura i la metròpoli

Espai seminari Desbordar la cultura

The city of Barcelona is marked by the history of its cultural projection through a set of official policies and narratives that have ultimately converted it into a brand city or showcase city. This storyline highlights major events and milestones in the city which are recognised in certain icons or cultural facilities. In parallel with this history, for at least a century a set of narratives have existed – small stories, groups, organisations, people and initiatives – that have woven and constructed another Barcelona from alternative cultural practices, originating in the neighbourhoods and from base work with different territories. These cultural practices make up a submerged fabric of intra-stories and other narratives of the city, which with greater or lesser fortune and visibility give an account of culture overflows. Overflows, insofar as they explain to us other ways of thinking cultures in the city, beyond the official culture, of separations between high and low culture, and of the showcase city. These other stories connect the past with the present, relate other ways of producing, distributing and mediating culture, from the territories, from the base fabrics and from institutions and initiatives that work cooperatively, that hold a dialogue with different sectors and with the citizens.

An interdisciplinary research group will run workshops, meet-ups and open days to establish a possible genealogy of numerous voices of culture overflows based on three layers and core lines that are inter-related: cooperative-based work and community management, popular education and community arts, and independent and contextual art practices.

During all the meetings, work files and materials will be produced that will be displayed in this space, with the aim of generating a complex and incomplete constellation of other stories of culture from the 1930s to the present day. The ultimate objective is to include all this work in a publication in the form of a map, similar to some maps that we are also showing in this space.

Participants: Artibarri, Ateneu 9barris, La Ciutat Invisible and visual artists.


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