In Catalan:

Inés Macpherson (Barcelona, 1982) graduated with a degree in Philosophy. She currently works in the publishing world as a freelancer and collaborates with La Vanguardia, where she writes about books for the Culturas supplement. She is also an oral storyteller, runs reading clubs and teaches at the Ateneu Barcelonès Writing School. In the field of literature she has had stories published in a number of anthologies such as Extraordinàries. Noves autores de l’insòlit (Males Herbes, 2020), Paper Cremat. 10 contes per a 100 anys de Ray Bradbury (Apostroph, 2020) and La ciutat invisible. Vuit relats ucrònics barcelonins (Sfabula Editorial, 2022). Els fils del mar (Spècula, 2023) is her latest novel. In 2021, Macpherson received the award for the best emerging talent in Catalan, awarded by Festival 42.

Miquel Codony (Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 1976) has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, a master's degree in Public Health. He currently works as a secondary school teacher, although his passion for genre literature has led him to be co-organiser of festivals dedicated to fantasy literature such as MIRcon/Hispacon (Montcada i Reixac, 2014) and BCon/EuroCon (Barcelona, 2016). Codony is also co-director of the monthly podcast from El Biblionauta, Esperant el Cometa, and is one of the promoters of the podcast Neo Nostromo and the video podcast The Spoiler Club. He also runs the fantasy literature reading club at the Biblioteca de Montcada i Reixac library and Farenheit, El Biblionauta’s reading club for new fantasy literature in Catalan.

Tatiana Dunyó (1991) is an actress and scriptwriter and they describe themself as unabashed in general and also as a habitual reader of genre literature. They currently form part of the association for the promotion of fantasy genres and science fiction, El Biblionauta, through which they have reviewed numerous titles, always with an intersectional perspective. As an actress, Dunyó focuses on exploring the galvanic potential of art through their theatre companies: Fantàstica Meravellosa and Endramats. Rumour also has it that they have a great capacity to captivate karaoke audiences with their prodigious extravagance.

Karen Madrid (Tordera, 1985) has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, although she is better known for directing and presenting the radio programme specialising in fantasy genres Quimèric, which has been  broadcast on Radio Sabadell since 2016. As a result of her participation in the programme, since 2017, Madrid has moderated a reading club that focuses on genre literature at the Biblioteca Vapor Badia library in Sabadell. Also worth noting is her role as a board member of the Catalan Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy (SCCFF), an association that works to promote fantasy genres and science fiction. Madrid has also worked as a juror for a variety of literature and film competitions.


In Spanish:

Daniel Pérez Castrillón (Asturias, 1990) works as a bookseller, although he claims that his true profession is “professional reader”. He also manages the genre literature and comic blog Boy with Letters and works as a copywriter for the magazine Windumanoth, which means he eats, breathes and lives genre literature. Under the handle @Mangrii, Pérez is dedicated to disseminating science fiction, fantasy and horror though across social networks, as well as other cultural areas of interest to him, such as young adult literature, manga, TV series and film.

Leticia Lara defines herself as a compulsive reader, and this can be seen clearly in her career path. With Cristina Jurado, she edited the science fiction anthology Alucinadas (Sportula, 2015), which exclusively features stories by genre authors. As well as reading, she likes to share her literary discoveries on the blog Fantástica – Ficción,  where for years she has reviewed every new title that falls into her hands, as well as offering readers bibliophile pastimes.

Cristina Jurado (Madrid, 1972) is a bilingual writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror as well as an editor and translator. Her works have been published in anthologies and national and international magazines such as The Best of Word SF, Clarkesworld and Strange Horizons. Highlights of her career include the novels Del naranja al azul/Bionautas (Literup, 2021) and CloroFilia (Saga Egemont, 2022), and her book of stories Alphaland & Other Stories (Calque Press, 2023). Jurado has edited a number of anthologies and has worked as an international editor for Apex Magazine. In 2020 she won the European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) award for best promoter of science fiction. She is currently the editor of the blog Futura House, dedicated to Hispanic speculative fiction in English.

Borja Bilbao (Santander, 1984) is a literary journalist who specialises in genres such as science fiction, fantasy and horror. He currently works as a copywriter for the magazine Windumanoth. Bilbao also participates in various activities related to genre literature through articles and podcasts, as well as collaborating with a number of publishing houses whose catalogues include genre titles. As a journalist, he has also been a speaker and presenter at a number of book fairs and festivals such as Celsius in Avilés, Hispacon and Festival 42. He currently lives in London, where he also organises and coordinates literary meetings and carries out networking.