· in Catalan:

Daniel Genís Mas (Castelló d’Empúries, 1977) is currently one of the leading proponents of the genre in Catalan. With a degree in Catalan and Hispanic Philology as well as a PhD in Catalan Literature, he is well-known as he is the founder, director and editor of El Biblionauta, a fantasy literature portal. He has also worked as an advisor on the “Ciència-Ficció”, (Pagès Editors), and “L’Arcà”, (Laertes) collections. He is a member of the SCCFF, and teaches Catalan language and literature at the Institut Ramon Muntaner in Figueres.

Isabel del Río (Barcelona, 1983) holds a degree in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. A professional in the world of publishing since 2009, she is a bookseller at La Font de Mimir and gives writing workshops at different civic and cultural centres. Author of young adult and genre novels as well as thrillers, poetry and essays, she has published anthologies such as Fabulari (Edicions SECC) and Donde las hadas no se aventuran (Apache Libros), and novels like the recently published El señor del viento (Apache Libros). For 2022, she is working on a book of horror stories and dark teen fantasy.

Raül Maigí (Vilanova i la Geltrú, 1974) is a journalist and cultural manager. He has pursued a career as a journalist working in various print media, particularly the newspaper El Punt. With a postgraduate degree in digital publishing, he is constantly involved with the publishing world. After working as assistant director at the Museum of Montserrat, he is now a communications technician at Vilanova i la Geltrú Town Council. A passionate reader of fantasy literature from a very young age, in 2010 he created Les Rades Grises, a section in the Cultura supplement of the daily newspaper Avui that subsequently evolved into a leading specialist fantasy and science fiction blog in Catalan.

Karen Madrid Ribas (Tordera, 1985) has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and has worked as a journalist on Radio Sabadell news since 2007. At the same radio station she also directs and presents the specialised fantasy genre programme Quimèric, and is moderator for a fantasy book club at the Vapor Badia library. She has been a member of the jury for numerous competitions, among them the Ateneu Barcelonès and the Frederic Pujolar prize, and also for film events such as Sant Cugat Fantàstic, Fantàstik Granollers and the TAC Awards. 

· In Spanish:

Laura Fernández (Terrassa, 1981)  is a writer, journalist and literary and music critic, who once worked in a video club and set up a band. She has written six novels in a style that she herself defines as ‘Douglas Adams who’s read rather too much Stella Gibbons’: Bienvenidos a Welcome (Literatura Random House), Wendolin Kramer (Seix Barral), La Chica Zombie (Seix Barral), El Show de Grossman  (Aristas Martínez), Connerland and most recently La señora Potter no es exactamente Santa Claus (both published by Literatura Random House). She has two children and lots of Philip K. Dick novels.

Cristina Jurado (Madrid, 1972) is a bilingual writer of science fiction, fantasy and hybrid sub-genres, as well as an editor and translator, and editor of SuperSonic magazine. She was the first woman to win the Ignotus Award for Best Novel, and has received awards at European level as a champion of science fiction. During her career she has won six more Ignotus, two ESFS and a Guillermo de Baskerville award. Notable works are CloroFilia (Cerbero) and Alphaland, a book of short stories written in English (Nevsky). She has recently published Bionautas together with Del naranja al azul with Literup.

Daniel Pérez Castrillón (Asturias, 1990) is a total bibliophile, series lover and passionate film buff. Known on the networks as @Mangrii, his focus is on science fiction and fantasy, although he is also drawn to many other cultural spheres, including young adult literature, manga and comics. A bookseller by profession, he is the administrator of the literature and comics blog Boy with Letters, editor of the magazine Windumanoth, and an occasional contributor to the blog El Peso del Aire.

Susana Vallejo (Madrid, 1968) is a writer who has lived in Barcelona for 26 years. She has published Carrer Berlín, 109 (Plaza & Janés), El móvil que guardaba en su interior el secreto de la chica de la camisa naranja (Ediciones B), the cyberpunk novel Switch in the red (Edebé), and a humorous essay Madre de dragones (Minotauro). Her four-book fantasy series Porta Coeli, and winner of the Edebé and Ictineu awards L’esperit de l’últim estiu, are some of her most successful works, all published by Edebé. Her work has recently been featured in the anthology Barcelona 2059 (Mai Més).