Pedalejant cap al cel

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Opening performance

The Grec kicks off, and the whole city celebrates with a mix of magic and poetry at the hand of the aerial visual theatre group Theater Tol, the Catalan rumba and rock of La Troba Kung-Fú and the fusion of flamenco, reggae and ska of Canteca de Macao. You are all welcome

Street art, gesture, dance, circus, special effects, fireworks, live music… The Belgian company Theater Tol connects with all audiences thanks to their striking visual language and poetic use of imagery to create a fantastic world. Look up! Violin-playing cyclists, aerial dancers and an acrobat are ready to start the show, hanging from a giant carousel suspended 30 metres over your heads.

Artistic card

Autoria: Charlotte Seuntjens - Theater Tol; Direcció: Charlotte Seuntjens; Intèrprets: Wouter de Belder, Stefaan Cleiren, Maaika Kudde, Yaso Romero, Paola Zampierolo, Sarah Vingerhoets, Loes Buenen, Julia Mitomi, Elfje Duchateau; Composició i direcció musical: Wouter de Belder; Interpretació musical: Theater TOL; Escenografia: Theater TOL; Moviment: Aline Deleu; Vestuari: Lisette Henst; Disseny d'i·luminació: Philippe Devaux; Disseny de so: Yvan de Meijer; Concepció Sonora : Yvan de Meijer; Regidoria: Werner Musenbrock, Bram Bohez, Rik Suijs; Il·luminació: Werner Musenbrock, Bram Bohez, Rik Suijs; So: Werner Musenbrock, Bram Bohez, Rik Suijs; Vídeo: Els Aerts;


Theater Tol


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  • End date
  • Schedule
    10.30pm and 12pm
  • Space

    Pg. Lluís Companys

    Passeig de Lluís Companys, Barcelona, Espanya

  • Duration
    20 min
  • Price
    Admission free