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Àfrica ’On Air’

A stroll through the African continent’s popular rhythms in four broadcasts to be held weekly during the month of June.

The Xarxa de Ràdios Comunitàries de Barcelona (Barcelona Community Radio Network, XRCB) and Ràdio Àfrica are jointly holding this series of programmes that will be broadcast from the Ràdio Rambles kiosk, set up in an old flower stall outside Palau de la Virreina.

Listen to them if you would like to gain a better understanding of the relationship between tradition and modernity and how music has been shaped by people’s movements, ranging from the migrations forced by slavery to those happening today. DJ sessions and chats will be turned into podcasts to bring us closer to the sounds of African independence, those of African cities or the most futuristic electronic music.

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Thursday, 10 June
La memòria dels sons [The memory of sounds]
We will talk about the importance of creating and retrieving the visual and sound archives of Africa’s traditional music, the memory of rhythm, through the sounds that led to the birth of styles such as blues and jazz and the entire legacy of Africa across the Atlantic.
With: Jules Isaac Bikôkô Bi Njami and Papa Orbe

El viatge de les músiques africanes [The journey of African musics]
A crossroads, a place where sounds born out of black roots meet and interweave, a place where the meeting points between different styles, currents, artists, scenes and trends can be seen thanks to covers and samplers, showing the influence that some artists have had over others or the ways in which a song changes over time or as a result of crossing borders. Les empremtes de la llavor negra en la diàspora planetària [The footprints of black labour on the world’s diaspora]
With: Dr Decker

Thursday, 17 June
Barcelona meets Lagos
Voodoo Club burst onto the Barcelona scene, bringing with it a breath of fresh air for the younger generations. These sessions introduce us to the music styles you'll hear at any nightclub in Lagos, Abidjan, Jo’burg (the informal name for Johannesburg), Luanda or Kinshasa, among others, a bold type of music which, above all, makes no apologies for the way it is. The latest tunes and everything that lies behind the most urban music styles.
With: Uncle Yems

Thursday 1 July
African SoundSystem
A musical journey through space and time and the African continent with sessions by Diego Armando Dj, who will take you to African cities and deserts, and Dj Golf from Guinea, who will teleport you back to the time of independence to the beat of soukous, highlife and afrobeat. To wrap up the event, the group Jokkoo will introduce you to the African continent’s most electronic sounds.
With: Diego Armando DJ, Golfo de Guinea, Jokkoo Colectivo (Ikram, Mbodj)
In collaboration with Ràdio Rambles.


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Dates and schedules 3, 10 and 17 June; and 1 July. 18.00 h

Space Ràdio Rambles

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