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Creation, coloniality, racism

Catalan theatre: white privilege and colonial representations

A series of discussions set up as an opportunity to resume an interrupted conversation between people of African descent and Africans, and between these people and the city they live in.

For a long time, Tinta Negra – the collective of black actors and performers in Catalonia – has been observing and condemning certain racist practices in the performing arts. In this space, we will reflect on the difficulties faced by these artists on the Catalan theatre scene because of the colour of their skin. Discussions will also be held on the colonial legacy and the importance of working from other paradigms, and on the performing arts as a medium for resisting and denouncing the discrimination experienced by many black African and Afro-descendant performers.

In the picture is King Kong – The Musical, a jazz opera written by Pat Matshikiza in 1958 that depicts the rise and fall of boxing champion Ezekiel ‘King Kong’ Dlamini. It was the first all-black South African musical and helped to create a new set of opportunities for black South Africans in the arts.


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Dates and schedules Tuesday 8/6 - 18:00 H

Space Sala Beckett - Poblenou

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