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Barcelona cultura

Creation and Museums

Several venues 30/06 - 12/07

The city's art centres become unexpected stages at the hands of the residents of artistic-creation centres, who use their projects to create a dialogue with the artistic, historic and ethnographic collections that each venue conserves.

This year’s projects are:

El parc

Created by: Obskené (Ricard Soler) / Teatre Tantarantana 
Discipline: theatre
Venue: Jardí Botànic Històric (Historical Botanic Garden)
Date: 1 July
Time: 7 pm

A theatrical project that uses radio resources to present a series of characters that are passing through a park. This project is by Obskené, a company that aims to bring to the stage things that we do not usually see there. The company was created by Ricard Soler i Mallol, Constanza Aguirre and Judith Pujol in 2008, and it has presented projects such as Fuenteovejuna, breve tratado sobre las ovejas domésticas (2015 Max Award for the best stage for playwright Anna Maria Ricart), Ciutat de vidre, a show that won the 2015 Adrià Gual for the best scenographic project, seen at the 2016 Barcelona Grec Festival, and Intersections, seen at the 2019 Barcelona Grec Festival.

Created and directed by: Ricard Soler Mallol Text: Eva Redondo Performed by: Mireia Illamola, Teresa Vallicrosa, Júlia Truyol Voice-over: Eva Redondo Assistant director: Inés García- Pertierra Sound technician: Iván Chamorro Executive production: Teresa Petit

A Teatre Tantarantana and Museum of Natural Sciences co-production.


La pell Rosetta

Created by: Laura Maure and others
Discipline: music, performance and immersive art installation
Venue: Museum of Ethnology and World Cultures
Date: 2 July
Times: 12 noon and 6:30 pm
Free admission

Around the world, many languages are disappearing at an alarming rate, in spite of their inestimable value. It has been calculated that by the end of the 21st century, only 10% of the languages spoken today will have survived. And the loss of a language means the impoverishment of humanity in a number of ways. This situation is the subject of the project created by Laura Maure, which includes a performance by a trio of female voices, walking around and uttering words that have fallen out of use, from endangered languages, such as Tibetan, Amazigh, Chamacoco and Catalan. The performers place emphasis on words, but also on another indicator, which like language, is also cultural: textiles and clothing. 

Predictably, the initiative is rounded off with an immersive installation.

A Fabra i Coats: Creation Factory and Museum of Ethnology and World Cultures co-production.

Conception and musical composition:  Laura Maure Performed by: Efímeres (Mati Pando, Leti Rodríguez, Laura Maure) Artistic directors: Hansel Nezza, Laura Maure Costumes: Loana Flores Immersive art instal·lation: Esteban Crucci 

El sol s’abaixarà hi haurà ordre

Created by: Urati Laboratori (Albert Chamorro, Marta Lofi, Sergio Camacho)
Discipline: hybrid scene
Venue: The Born Cultural Centre
Date: 2 and 3 July
Time: from 10 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 7.30 pm. Two people, every 15 min.

Can we dream while we are awake? A verse by Joan Brossa is the title of a project that aims to explore the world of dreams in an artificial way. Virtual reality becomes a driving force for exploring the most hidden part of our consciousness, based on the poet's hypnagogic imagery and the work of Josefa Tolrà, a self-educated medium and artist who fascinated Brossa. Using virtual reality as a vehicle, we aim to take the audience on a journey through the world of dreams, where plastic landscapes and generated sounds enable us to view a world that we have always been unable to enter. 

A Joan Brossa Foundation - Centre de les Arts Lliures and Born Cultural Centre co-production.

Authorship and scenography: Urati laboratori Concept, staging, video: Albert Chamorro Visual production: Marta Lofi Sound space: Sergio Camacho Creative collaboration: Fundació Joan Brossa - Centre de les Arts Lliures, The Born Cultural Centre, Estruch - Fàbrica de Creació de Sabadell, the Barcelona Institute of Culture and Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura.


Registres evanescents

Created by: Constanza Brncic, Alfredo Costa, Blanca Tolsà, Tristán Pérez-Martín, Beatriz González, Bárbara Raubert / Graner, centre de creació de dansa i arts vives
Discipline: performance, action
Venue: Museu de la Música
Date: 8 July
Times: 9.30 pm, 10.45 pm, 12 am

A former member of the legendary Macromassa, creator of the Gràcia Territori Sonor and, for many years, director of the LEM experimental music festival, as well as being a founder member of the Bel Canto Orchestra. No, the history of Barcelona music and, more specifically, experimental sounds, would not be the same without Víctor Nubla. He died on the last day of March 2020, and a piece of the most underground Barcelona died with him. This performance project revolves around his personality, his music and the music of those artists who, between the 1960s and the 1980s, found an ideal outlet for promoting their compositions in cassette tapes.

A Museu de la Música de Barcelona – Centre Robert Gerhard and Graner, centre de creació de dansa i arts vives co-production.

In cooperation with Gràcia Territori Sonor.

Directed by: Constanza Brnčić In cooperation with: Blanca Tolsà (dancer and choreographer), Alfredo Costa-Monteiro, (musician and poet), Tristán Pérez-Martín (video and photography), Bárbara Raubert (artistic advisor) and Beatriz González Magadán (external glance and assistant director) Aknowledgements: María Vadell and Gràcia Territori Sonor team, Sara Ojanguren Production: Museu de la Música and Graner 

No verbal

Created by: Aurora Caja
Discipline: circus
Venue: The Picasso Museum (pl. Jaume Sabartés, s/n)
Date: 9 and 10 July
Times: 18.30 h

The circus and visual artist Aurora Caja offers a journey of discovery that aims to be like a light in the darkness. A physical narrative that speaks of the most animal-like honesty of human beings, a struggle to find their own voice in a world full of noise; a rebellion.

In a plastic universe, the body delimits the narrative. Its language is made up of balance, acrobatic movement, contortion and drawing. 

The work of Pablo Picasso and this production by Aurora Caja have something in common: both artists are interested in playing with the possibilities of fragmenting the human figure and seeking to express themselves through research into new corporal possibilities.

A La Central del Circ and Picasso Museum co-production.

Creation and performance: Aurora Caja External perspective: Alejandro Dutra, Chiara Marchese Collaboration as an external perspective: Núria Curcoll, Stefan Kinsman, Roma Monasterio Costumes: Eulàlia Roca, Aurora Caja Sound and lighting design: Gabriela Bianchi F. Set design: Miquel Giol, Aurora Caja Administration: Les Thérèses Creative support: Ésacto’Lido - École supérieure des arts du cirque Toulouse-Occitanie (France), La Central del Circ - Creation Factory in Barcelona, and Café de las Artes Teatro, in Santander


Castells a l’aire

Created by: Raquel Gualtero and Raquel Klein
Discipline: dance
Venue: Montjuïc Castle
Date: 9 July
Times: 8.45 pm

During the last edition of Dansa Metropolitana, you may have seen the performance of Raquel Gualtero and Raquel Klein, with the participation of ZA!, La rebelión de las aburridas, where these artists dealt with overproduction and overexploitation, in a criticism of capitalist thinking. These two women continue to work together, presenting Castells a l’aire [Castles in the air], a new research project based on the idea of persistence and the conceptual levity of play.

On this occasion, the project combines dialogue with places in Montjuïc Castle, the lighting design of Arnau Sala and sound engineered by Adrià Juan and Albert Tarrats.

A La Caldera and Castell de Montjuïc  co-production.

Created by: Raquel Gualtero i Raquel Klein / La Caldera Performed by: Carla Pérez, María Carbonell, Barbara Cappi, David Santana, Mar Garcia, Javier Guerrero, Lena Juan, Dario Oyarzun, Ona Cros Lighting design: Arnau Sala Sound: Adrià Juan, Albert Tarrats Technical assistance: Guillem Bonfill In cooperation with: Inés Lambisto

CORPUS. Una exposició escènica

Created by: Irene Vicente
Discipline: theatre
Venue: Frederic Marès Museum
Date: 10 July
Time: 12 noon
Free admission

Visual arts may have been present on stage since ancient times, but with CORPUS, which is really an exhibition, the reverse is true: the theatre enters the museum to become part of its narrative, just like the pieces that make up its collections. In CORPUS. Una exposició escènica, the spectators will be able to review some of the pieces being exhibited, through the actions and deeds that these productions represent.

A Nau Ivanow and Frederic Marès Museum co-production.Created by: Irene Vicente / Nau Ivanow Performed by: Irene Vicente


Salvapantalles fantasma

Created by: Daniel Moreno Roldán
Discipline: installation, art and technology
Venue: Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
Date: 12 July
Times: 7 pm
Exhibit: From 8 to 31 July
Free admission

A new project from Daniel Moreno Roldán (resident at Hangar) for the Barcelona Design Museum which aims to open a debate about the ethics of technology. Based on an audiovisual installation consisting of various television sets from the past, as well as an analogue television broadcasting system, it aims to critically review the present-day culture of “techno-progressivism”, obsolescence and nostalgia for technology.

A Hangar and Barcelona Design Museum co-production.
In cooperation with Albert Sánchez and Daniel Miracle​.

Created by: Daniel Moreno Roldán Installation artwork: Daniel Moreno Roldán


Artistic card

Photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín, Ernest Costa

Multimedia gallery


Dates and schedules 1st to July 12th

Space Several venues

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