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El Grec, a la Xirgu: second week

Black music, a star-studded line up, tap dance, Senegalese traditions and much more, in the second week of performances in Plaça de Margarida Xirgu.

DJ Owey
7 and 9 July, at 6:30 pm
Many of the days' events kick off with a set by DJ Owey: one of the biggest names in black music on the Barcelona scene. His sessions are legendary and include the best black roots music.

The artists at La Xirgu
Kerol / Anna Mbengue / Fre3 Bodies / DJ Owey / Robert Dokponnou / Ven a bailar (day 7)
Kerol / Anna Mbengue / DJ Owey / Fre3 Bodies / Ven a bailar (day 9)
Kerol / Anna Mbengue / DJ Owey / Fre3 Bodies / Ven a bailar / Sargon / Desconekt-A2
(day 10)
7 and 9 July, at 6:45 pm
10 July, at 7 pm
A fun, laid-back show with different artists, depending on the day. The master of ceremonies is Kerol, a unique artist who combines juggling with beatboxing. He will present a series of acts who take turns and sometimes come back on stage, including Senegalese dancer Anna Mbengue – who will feature in all the performances – DJ Owey and his black sounds, young dance talents like the group Fre3 Bodies, dancer and percussionist from Benin Robert Dokponnou, and the Desconekt-A2 collective and their urban dance offering.

Fre3 Bodies, Nadine Gerspacher, Ombline Huvelle
Las otras viudas [The Other Widows]
7 July, 7:45 pm
A physical dance piece created by Nadine Gerspacher in collaboration with her fellow choreographer and dancer Ombline Huvelle and the dancers from the Fre3 Bodies company. The performance tells the story of a series of female characters who are fighting to overcome the loss of their partners. It is inspired by the palcos de las viudas [widows’ boxes] at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, where widows could enjoy the show while keeping their grief hidden from the rest of the audience.

Jokkoo, Alien Sound, in the square - Canceled
Jokkoo collective
8 July, at 6:30 pm
Jokkoo, a Barcelona-based collective focusing on new musical narratives with African roots, puts on a participatory performance that seems like a science fiction story and ends with singing and a DJ set. Come and see a sculptural chariot arrive on the square and transform into a hub of alien sound operations that will have the audience enthralled. The members of the collective are the kings of recycling: they use rubbish to create incredible art. When the session is over, they will dismantle the chariot and disappear as quickly as they appeared. Get there early, because before the show they set up a workshop where they turn the audience into aliens who then join the party. Want to take part?

Tatakai- Canceled
9 July, at 7:30 pm
Dancer, singer and choreographer Adhara Jackson, from Barcelona, trained at various schools of dance, but ended up dedicating her life to tap dance. Now, she is heading a show and a company that tell the story of a unique bar managed by three tap dancers. They opened the place thinking it could be somewhere where people could come for a coffee or a drink or could come and dance, rehearse or put on a jam session. But their customers have a voice too and they want to make it heard. You will see these artists use different disciplines: as well as mixing tap dance and urban dance, they also sing and play instruments live.

Slasptick - Cia Mar Gómez​
9 July, at 7:30 pm
With ‘Slapstick’ we transported a comic short film without a screen about a character waiting for a train to the street arts. Our personal tribute to silent films, with figures such as Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton or Harold Loyd as the main source of inspiration. A theater and clown dance show where bumps, falls and physically extreme and unlikely situations can be enjoyed live by the hand of a white comic character, who inspires tenderness and humor in equal measure. Thus, behind those gags that can make us laugh again as if we were children, we discover a great dose of humanity.

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Dates and schedules Wednesday 7/7 - 18:30 H Thursday 8/7 - 18:30 H Friday 9/7 - 18:30 H Saturday 10/7 - 18:30 H

Space Plaça de Margarida Xirgu

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