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Factoria Grec: Companyia de circ "eia"

Members of the public can discover some Grec projects through a series of in-person or online visits, where they attend rehearsals or observe parts of the creation process.

This is a circus company with a twelve-year history, dedicated to explaining human relationships through the language of circus. Their latest show, Nuye (from 15 to 17 July, at Mercat de les Flors), is about couple relationships and depicts the way a person comes and goes, in and out of the lives of others, in a continual effort to feel complete.

However, before the “eia” circus company’s performance, you have a chance to get to know them in a meeting with spectators on the Instagram Live de channel. During this conversation, the company will talk about their latest production and their work methods.


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Lead by: Marcel Barrena Photography: Maite Caramés

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Dates and schedules Tuesday 29/6 - 17:00 H

Space Instagram Live de Recomana

Price0 €

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