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The Grec comes to civic centres: Africa in Barcelona

Barcelona’s civic centres have been working with artists of African descent from Catalonia, as well as artists from the African diaspora, in a number of activities and workshops covering a wide range of fields. See for yourselves the mark left on the city by the cultures of this continent.

Fashion, film, the most modern dances found in today’s African cities... All this can be experienced in a set of activities including film screenings, concerts, workshops, exhibitions and a bit of reflection on matters such as colonialism, which will be held in the coming days at the city’s civic centres.

Mabata Bata
DJ session + talk + screening of the film by Sol de Carvalho (Mozambique, 2018)
Cotxeres Borrell Civic Centre
Thursday, 10 June at 6 pm.

A session by DJ Sarah Ardite, a cultural activist, music sociology researcher and expert in black roots music (6 pm), will mark the start of an event that will then continue with a talk about Mozambique author Mia Couto, put on by the book shop La Panafricana (6.30 pm). She is the author of the story that inspired the film by director Sol de Carvalho, which will be shown after the talk (7.45 pm) and which received an award during the first edition of the Barcelona International African Film Festival. In the film, a young shepherd watches his favourite ox be blown up by an anti-personnel mine.

Breaking Racist Stereotypes through Kuduro and Coupé-Décalé
Urban dance workshop
Sant Andreu Civic Centre
Friday, 18 June and 9 July at 6 pm.

What if we used dance to break racist stereotypes? You will have the chance to do this in a sub-Saharan African urban dance workshop with afrobeats that will borrow from styles such as kuduro (from Angola) and coupé-décalé (from Ivory Coast). Dance and reflection.

The Legacy of Colonialism I
Work in progress, by Montserrat Anguiano
Sagrada Família Civic Centre
Monday, 28 June, all day.

We will decolonise our minds and bodies through art. This is the concept proposed by an artist who uses the art of painting to talk about feminism and the struggle against racism. Come and watch Montserrat Anguiano create a work of art, and share your thoughts on it with her.

Africa Street Dance Connections
Various artists
Sarrià Civic Centre
Thursday, 1 July. 7 pm

Various dancers of African descent use this continent’s rich choreographic tradition as a starting point from which to evolve towards the most modern urban dances through fusion and adaptations.

Afro: Opportunities and Difficulties in the Textile World
Lecture and round table
Vil·la Urània Civic Centre
Thursday, 1 July. Times to be confirmed

A talk to learn about what various African textile projects with a strong impact in Barcelona do and how they got started.

Conference on Contemporary Creation with African Roots Linked to Urban Dance
Oulouy, Ruth Prim and Sofia Mae
Barceloneta Civic Centre
Friday, 2 July at 7 pm.

What are the urban dances that are danced in today’s African cities like, and how did they arise? You will be able to watch two choreographies performed by creators from Africa or of African descent: Black, a twenty-minute piece by Oulouy (who will be starring in the choreography The very last northern white rhino in Sala Hiroshima this month) and Dos gardenias, a piece of around fifteen minutes by Ruth Prim and Sofia Mae. The performances will be followed by a round table on urban dances.
In cooperation with Africa Moment.

Africa in Barcelona: Textile Design and Fashion
Joan Oliver “Pere Quart” Civic Centre
Friday, 2 July, at 11 am (meeting point: Avinyó, 46) and monday, 5 July, at 5 pm (meeting point: Calàbria, 142)

A route on African Barcelona. Face-to-face visit, guided by Verónica Bosio Baita, to three specially charming shops to know her business project closely.

DJ Owey
DJ set
Plaça de Can Basté 
Saturday, 3 July, 8.30 pm

A Barcelona-born DJ of African descent gives us an overview of the continent’s rich musical legacy by playing music in styles ranging from Jamaican dancehall and reggae to afrobeat from various parts of Africa, as well as afro house, trap, soul, funk, house, R&B and hip-hop.
No booking required.

Marga Mbande and Albert Casanova
Torre Llobeta Civic Centre
Saturday, 3 July at 8.30 pm.

Marga Mbande, a Catalan singer with African roots, and guitarist Albert Casanova, a Catalan musician with Caribbean roots, will be performing original songs as well as covers of African music and reggae and soul tracks.

Percussion and Malinke dance workshop
Workshop and audition
Can Verdaguer Civic Centre
Saturday, 3 July. Times to be confirmed

How can we learn while having fun? Find out how in a percussion workshop-audition for children 3 to 5 years of age. We will take a good look at the Malinke, or Mandinka, culture through dance and percussion instruments such as the djembe. We'll listen to the sounds of the balafon and the Kamele ngoni and learn how to alternate voice and percussion in the traditional rhythms and songs of West Africa... and even have a chance to join in a circle dance!

The Legacy of Colonialism II
Visual and plastic performance by Montserrat Anguiano
Parc Sandaru Civic Centre
Wednesday, 7 July at 7 pm.

The black women’s liberation process explained in a series of theatrical scenes through body painting and body art. Painting, poetry, dance, music and audio-visual works in an artistic tribute to the feminist movement and struggle against racism.

Gnawa Afro Jazz
Bon Pastor Civic Centre
Friday, 9 July at 7 pm.

A concert of Gnawa music , a Moroccan folk rhythm born from sub-Saharan Muslim mystical music, mixed with Afro Jazz rhythms.

Ode to Blackness!
An audio-visual and performance creation by Micaela Mahi Cuyami
Pati Llimona Civic Centre
Wednesday, 14 July. Times to be confirmed

A series of stories staged in poetic prose accompanied by images of Guinea, paintings and drawings, to reflect about the environment, the diaspora, colonialism and migration, followed by a poetry recital with performances on matters such as job insecurity, social exclusion, identity and love.

African Singing

Singing workshop with Momi Maiga
Casa Orlandai
Wednesday, 14 July. Times to be confirmed

Senegalese musician, singer and composer Momi Maiga and ethnomusicologist Núria Domènech lead a show based on traditional Mandinka songs. They will talk about the importance of oral tradition in West Africa and about the ancient Mandé Empire that once stood on this part of ​​the continent.

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Dates and schedules From 10 June to 15 July

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