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Grec Factory: Guy Nader | Maria Campos

Members of the public can discover some Grec projects through a series of in-person or online visits, where they attend rehearsals or observe parts of the creation process.

In the 2021 Barcelona Grec Festival, the GN|MC company closes a trilogy that started with the quintet Time Takes The Time Time Takes (2015) and continued with the septet Set Of Sets (2018), dedicated to exploring the concept of time and the notion of the infinite. With Made of Space (from 1 to 3 July, at Mercat de les Flors), the company formed by Guy Nader and Maria Campos continues to explore the concepts of physics and brings to the stage its fascination with the inherent communicative capacity of movement, in its relationship with the notion of space-time, which is their source of inspiration. 

We can meet the creators of this choreography at an in-person meeting in which the artists will be speaking about the sonorous and visual journey they are offering, which coordinates time, space and the body, using patterns of movement and the musical structures provided by the composer and performer Miguel Marín. 


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Lead by: Sara Esteller Photography: Alfred Mauve

Multimedia gallery


Dates and schedules Thursday 17/6 - 17:00 H

Space Graner, centre de creació

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