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Grec Factory: Urban Nature

Members of the public can discover some of the works planned by the Grec through a series of in-person or online visits, where they can attend rehearsals or observe parts of the creation process.

How do people live, how do they work and make protests in a big city? Find out under the guidance of the members of the Rimini Protokoll company, who on this occasion are collaborating with set designer Dominic Huber. Always fascinated by new technologies and globalisation, they speak of everyday realities, working with experts and taking theatre way beyond the walls that confine it. This is how they have come to win major awards, such as the Silver Lion at the 2011 Venice Biennale.

In this performative installation, you are invited to take on the personality of someone else, in a proposal that takes place CCCB’s rooms. An encounter where you’ll be able to meet the members of this performance group and gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of this work.

First of all, visitors will be able to take a full tour of the installation (at 7 pm) and, then (at 8.30 pm), there will be a discussion with the creators of this project. 

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With: Jordi Bordes, Allx Phillips

Multimedia gallery


Dates and schedules Sunday 27/6 - 19:00 H


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