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CCCB SALES 04/07 - 08/07

You may have seen this company once or twice before, but do you know how they create their shows? We’ll tell you all about it in this workshop.

Younger audiences will be able to relate perfectly to how a group of five creators understand the stage, showing the public new approaches to and perspectives on topical issues and inviting us to realise that we can’t always rely on what we see. The company’s best-known productions include Los bancos regalan sandwicheras y chorizos, Arma de construcción masiva, and Explore el Jardín de los Cárpatos (Grec 2020).

The company in this workshop will be demonstrating their work method to a group of theatre-goers. Divided up into groups, participants will be invited to prepare a snippet of a stage performance. It will be a sustainable and accessible creation with a horizontal character. Armed with material at hand, each group will create a five-minute snippet. The dynamics established in a collective-creation process will be explained, so that everything that is unique is changed, conveyed, mixed with other singularities, resulting in a new poetics of what is common, where common means something “owned by everyone” and in the sense of “ordinary” and “frequent”. There will be a final display at the end of the workshop.

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Dates and schedules 4 to 8 July


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