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International gathering of programmers

El Molino - and other spaces 04/07 - 07/07

An exchange and meeting point for stage professionals from different countries who would like to get to know the festival and learn more about the proposals for next year's programme.

Programming and live arts professionals from different backgrounds will take part in a series of activities at this year's Grec_PRO, which will once again be a face-to-face event.

It includes talks and information sessions on issues of interest to the sector, such as mobility, sustainability and cultural diversity; presentations of the 2023 Barcelona Grec Festival projects; guided tours of the venues including meetings with artists and presentations of projects in the process of creation.

Part of the talks and presentations of some of the shows will be held at El Molino, a legendary venue with a long history that the city has just recovered. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to get to know other venues related to Barcelona's stage life: the Nau Ivanow (celebrating its 25th anniversary), the Institut Ramon Llull (celebrating its 20th anniversary) and the Hospitalet Cultural District, among others.

What’s more, Grec_Pro attendees will be able to go to some of the festival events scheduled for that week.

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Dates and schedules From 5 to 8 July

Space El Molino - and other spaces

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Curated by Vicent Fibla / Eufònic Festival
El Molino
07/07 - 17/07

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