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Creation, coloniality, racism

The legacy of black music in Barcelona

A series of discussions set up as an opportunity to resume an interrupted conversation between people of African descent and Africans, and between these people and the city they live in.

Performance and conversation with Madjody, Crochet Fiona, Marc Ayza, Fanta Cissoko, Arema Arega and Joe Psalmist

The voices of the artists of the African diaspora are one of the channels that connect the continent to Barcelona. That is why the city’s musicians and journalists are using this debate to create a space for dialogue, in which they will contemplate the legacy of black music in Barcelona. 

With the help of some familiar faces from the city’s music scene, we will find out more about the different genealogies of black music and how this legacy has been passed down. We will also discover the logics of musical resignification that have occurred. Finally, and above all, we will reflect on the kinds of futures we can collectively imagine in terms of the creation of living musicality spaces that amplify this legacy and take us to other places.

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In cooperation with Espai Avinyó.

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Dates and schedules Tuesday 6/7 - 16:30 H

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