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The contents and themes of the programme:

Obtaining information, travelling, talking about matters that are of global concern, and finding artists that respond to them with their creations ensure that a festival is something that is truly relevant and international. We never shy away from the big issues present in contemporary society: migrations, the financial crisis, fundamentalism, feminism, post-colonialism, among others.

We're imagining the Festival programme as a “journey to the east”. Our aim is to stand in the shoes of other cities and see how they respond to these global challenges.

In 2017 we travelled through Greece and the Mediterranean; in 2018 we made our own silk route in search of “new spices” and in 2019 the Grec travelled from Australia to the United States, bound for New York. It is the tension between the world of passion and urban civilisation that inspires our search for good shows. 2020 was a strange year. We toured Latin America in collaboration with its main festivals, in search of reflection on life and death, our fears and the spiritual world.

The journey continues in 2021, inspired by Africa, a young, contemporary continent full of light and colour, which is also very close to us. Still pending is the return to Europe, with the baggage of all that we have learnt during a time of profound transformation on the continent.

We will be making the entire tour from our perspective, never ceasing to be who we are: Barcelonian, Catalan and Mediterranean people who share their history with Spain and Europe. We aim to get closer to artists based on their ways of understanding the world.

A festival is like a summit. It forms part of a landscape, a system, a fabric. It is an exceptional moment that is connected to the city’s artistic life, tying in with everything that takes place during the rest of the year, showcasing what has been brewing and maintaining a dialogue with its talent, its citizens and their questions. More than a party, we like to think of our Grec as a celebration, a long-awaited moment, an event, a tool for reflection, change and transformation, it is full of surprises and, above all, an event that is worth experiencing. A Grec that is popular, appreciated, recognised, loved and stimulating.

Francesc Casadesús
GREC Festival de Barcelona

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