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Gift voucher Grec 2020

Feel the magic of the performing arts and give Grec nights as gifts

Pack your bags and get carried away by the performing arts. We invite you to the great trip of Barcelona's Grec Festival.
Give the gift of four tickets for the next Grec Festival, and we will give you your 2020 Travelogue, the notebook where you can write down your experiences of the festival.

What does it include?

For just €60, you get a gift voucher that you can exchange for four tickets, with more than 25 different shows scheduled to choose from as part of Barcelona’s Grec Festival to be held in July 2020.
And we will also give you the 2020 Travelogue.

How can I buy the voucher?
There are two ways to purchase your voucher: either online or at the Tiquet Rambles offices (La Rambla, 99, Barcelona).

If you buy it online: The voucher will be sent directly to your email. You can give it as a gift to whoever you like.
We can send your gift travelogue to the address you give us, or you can go along to the Tiquet Rambles offices and pick it up (La Rambla, 99, Barcelona).
And an added benefit: The festival's sales website will include various new features for the 2020 festival, including the personal space, where you can access your details and download your gift voucher, passes and tickets purchased.

Purchase gift voucher
If you go in person: You will receive the Travelogue when you purchase the gift voucher. Please bear in mind that if you lose your gift voucher, we will not be able to make a duplicate. So look after it!

When can the voucher be exchanged for tickets?
Before the festival programme is published, we will send you an email with all the information about when the tickets are going on sale, so that you can have priority access to choosing the tickets for Grec 2020.

How do I exchange the voucher for tickets?
The gift voucher includes a code so that you can get the tickets at or the Tiquet Rambles offices (La Rambla, 99, Barcelona).
Once the shows have been selected, just enter the code number during the normal online ticket purchasing process.
If the exchange is made in person, just give the code to the person serving you.It is important to remember that once the tickets have been received, they cannot be changed or a refund given.
The voucher expires on the last day of next year's festival: 31 July 2020.

How can the tickets be combined?
You can exchange your gift voucher as you wish. You just need to select the show and the number of tickets. You can buy one ticket for four different shows, two tickets for two different shows, four tickets for one show, and so on.
Remember, the gift voucher is valid for over 25 shows in the 2020 festival programme.

See you at the Grec!

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