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Grec 2022 presentation

The world turns...

After the artistic project which has enabled us to go around the world for five years, now we want to “get back to our roots”, or in other words, return to a Barcelona that we love, a creative city that is proud of itself. In a world where fear is making its presence felt once again, we opt for recovering the city's sense of playfulness from the 1980s, for feeling and being aware of the things we share and which made us great, for being able to imagine an exciting future. In reality, what is culture if it is not shared knowledge and projects?

For this reason, this year's programme includes well-known nearby lands: Dutch dancing, German theatre, British music, Portuguese fado, Catalan singer-songwriters, the world of Fellini, the French chanson. There are also things from a more distant past, revised from a present-day perspective: texts from the Spanish Golden Age, from Ibsen, Shakespeare, Molière and Sappho, side by side with music from Mahler and Mozart. Themes to think about, such as democracy, the environment, racism, fascism, sexual identities, technology and border problems in Europe, along with things that make us profoundly human, such as poetry, laughter, hope, trust and love. The performing arts are also well-represented in Barcelona, creations of genres that mix, a snapshot of what the city is today.

Various shows make us realise that we are living in a connected world, we are where we are and everything affects us, from the roots of our Mediterranean culture, which originated in the Parthenon in Athens, to the recent Germanwings accident, the management of the pandemic or blind obedience to power; we are a tower of Babel, but we have beauty within our reach in the form of the Escolania de Montserrat's singing or the landscapes of the Ebro Delta. We are in Europe, but we are enriched by the voices and perspectives of artists from all the continents. That's what art does: it helps us and broadens our perspective to include the whole world.

All of this diversity is part of human nature, and with it we must build our paradise on Earth. Above all, we have prepared a festival for you to enjoy, and invoking Elpis, the spirit of hope (which stayed inside Pandora's box), the only thing we ask from you is curiosity.

Let the faun of summer nights return and the Grec commence!

Francesc Casadesús
GREC Festival de Barcelona

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