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The Grec at the Xirgu

Welcome one and all to Plaça de Margarida Xirgu or, if you prefer, the Barcelona Grec Festival's Plaça Major.


Stop by the square before or after seeing one of the shows programmed for the venues at the mountain of Montjuïc, and round off your experience with good conversation, a snack, or by watching a small (or large) format show free of charge.

The shows

El gran goril·la
Antigua i Barbuda
From 6 to 9 July. Wednesday to Friday, at 6 pm (open rehearsals); Saturday, at 7:30 pm (performance)
A giant ape comes to life in the middle of the square. Well yes, it is a puppet, but it’s enormous, and it moves just like the real thing. Come and see for yourself, and maybe, as well as the gorilla, you might like to reflect on freedom and domestication.

Maña [Skill]
Manolo Alcántara Company
From 13 to 15 July, at 7:30 pm
If you want to discover a new and especially stimulating way of doing circus, you should see Manolo Alcántara, an artist determined to build a huge arch out of boxes of different sizes and weights, using as little energy as possible and technology from other times. The result is a show which, like an arch, also has a keystone: this artist’s extraordinary ingenuity.

20 and 21 July, at 10 pm
A company that specialises in experimenting with different languages, using images, interpretation, sounds, texts and projections to explain one of the myths of western culture in a different way. Orpheus descends to the underworld in order to bring his true love back to life. However, this time, it all happens in a binary universe: the real one and the metaverse that is about to burst into our lives.

Grec al Sec

Plaça de Margarida Xirgu becomes a meeting point during the Barcelona Grec Festival, a shared space with its own catering service. This is provided by the bars and restaurants in the Poble Sec neighbourhood, and once again this year they ‘ll be in charge of the bars and the tables that you'll find scattered around the square from Wednesday to Saturday. More info

Live music

This square has a life of its own, and even a folk soundtrack. This is provided by three city artists and emerging groups who perform great little songs or transform tradition into sounds of today.

Thursday, 30 June, at 7:30 pm
Pau Vidal, who is also a member of The Gramophones All Stars, creates new songs with traditional sounds. He has already done so with traditional sounds from Valencia and the Mediterranean in general, and now he’s back, this time with Cuban music.

Friday, 1 July, at 7:30 pm
Do you know siblings Conxita and Fermí Herrero? They’re from Prat del Llobregat, and have created a sound that has fascinated the Indie scene, with a selection of undefinable songs that combine folk, pop, bedroom techno-pop, psychedelia and even punk.

Joana Dark
Saturday, 2 July, at 7:30 pm
What would happen if one of the popular songs compiled by Catalan folklorist Joan Amades was set to electronic music and played with Auto-Tune? Don’t leave it to the imagination; it's better to come along and see the performance of Ariadna Rulló, aka Joana Dark for yourself.

Festasec Jove and the Poble-sec Festa Major

Poble Sec’s big annual festival, or Festa Major, is held in the second fortnight of July, and it’s a unique chance to experience life in one of city's most popular neighbourhoods. There will be a lot of activities, some of which will be taking place in Plaça de Margarida Xirgu.

Above all, try not to miss the programme on Saturday, 16 July, when Poble Sec’s Festa Major Youth Committee, whose members are young people from the neighbourhood itself, is holding the Festasec Jove, a series of activities that includes everything from theatre to live music, as well as skateboarding and magic workshops. More info



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