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Amor Mundi

Victoria Szpunberg

26/06 - 28/07


Marie de Jongh Teatroa

03/07 - 04/07

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Family public

Ballet BC

Direcció artística: Emily Molnar
Teatre Grec
06/07 - 07/07
Filmoteca de Catalunya
18/07 - 19/07
09/07 - 11/07

Maceo Parker

La Sala BARTS al Grec

Campo Minado

Lola Arias
Teatre Lliure Montjuïc
Sala Fabià Puigserver
16/07 - 17/07


Gravity & Other Myths
Teatre Grec
12/07 - 13/07

Activities of the spectator

Grec Audiovisual
Fundació Joan Miró

Different Trains, by Beatriz Caravaggio

13/06 - 31/08
The North American Steve Reich, one of the pioneers of minimalism, composed a piece about the Jewish Holocaust in 1988. Almost thirty years later, this video work confers visual life to the score...
Grec Talks
Biblioteca Poblenou - Manuel Arranz

Biblioteques: Toni Gomila talks about Rostoll cremat

From Mallorca to the world, the playwright Toni Gomila (Do you remember Acorar?) leads us to a universal reflection, this time about tourism and its impact, from the experience of Majorca, an...
Grec Creation
La Caldera Les Corts

Grec Factory: Un dia qualsevol

Is there a theatre for each type of public? Do companies create or choose their shows thinking of a particular public? Such questions will be answered by the members of a company that has become...
Grec Talks
Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison

Reading clubs: Tan poca vida (A Little Life)

30/05 - 27/06
We will be talking about the performances available in the festival and will analyze each detail in the meetings directed by Xavier Graset at the libraries of Barcelona, at the Reading clubs, in a...
Grec Talks

Grec at the community civic centres: Spectacular conference

07/06 - 28/06
During the days leading up to the 2019 Grec, the community civic centres of the city host a proposal between a conference and a theatrical show signed by David Espinosa, an expert in the...
Grec Talks
Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison

Reading clubs: Paradisos oceànics

31/05 - 28/06
If you like reading, do not miss the chance of discovering what happens when a literary text jumps on stage.Some of the shows at the Grec Festival of Barcelona are based on literary texts, either...

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