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Barcelona cultura


Music and the art of performance, as well as the memory of a bygone Paral·lel and sexual dissidence, take hold of one of the city’s most iconic venues for two weekends.


Welcome to a celebration of diversity, expressed through music, theatre and performance, and also by rescuing the memory of a Paral·lel which was once the quintessential Barcelona place for music hall and cabaret. Now, well into the 21st century, Molinex offers a roguish, queer update for El Molino, the beating heart of the city’s music hall and cabaret scene. Dominant models will be subverted here, expressed through the artist language of sexual dissidence from a contemporary perspective. This is a great celebration where you’ll find the music, theatre and performance, with a DJ, drag shows, poetic action and much more, all with a distinctly multi-disciplinary character and a critical, queer and transfeminist perspective.

Curated by Vicent Fibla / Eufònic Festival.

Flamenco Queer + Teknodrag
Thursday 7/7 at 10 pm
A real declaration of intent to celebrate the diversity proposed by this series of performances. Drag art and performance are tools for exploring flamenco and challenging the categorisation of dissident sexualities.

Manel de Aguas + Karmele & Lydia + Anneke Necro i Silvia Rubí
Friday 8/7 at 10 pm
An electrifying triple bill that will combine two artists with different views of the queer scene with a performance on dissident desire and sadomasochistic love by two feminist post-porn agitators.

AKA Teatro: "Scratch" + Txe Roimeser
Saturday 9/7 at 10 pm 
A monologue that focuses on the pacts of desire, the simulation of our moods and the sexuality women are permitted, and a performance that invokes a Molino of velvet, sequins, smoke and desires.

AKA Teatro: "Scratch" + Álvaro Sola
Sunday 10/7 at 10 pm
A monologue that focuses on the pacts of desire, the simulation of our moods and the sexuality permitted to women, and a live neo-flamenco “queer” performance by the multidisciplinary artist Álvaro Sola.

Hidrogenesse + Nebula Millarca
Thursday 14/7 at 10 pm
A mixture of contrasts between the sophisticated electronic pop art of what is a real institution in the city and the queer and pagan re-appropriation of Christian iconography of a soprano performer.

Raval Cuir: "De(s)generadas" + Miguel Andrés
Friday 15/7 at 10 pm
A stimulating and improbable meeting between different generations of queer artists linked to the variety arts of the Raval and Paral-lel area, and the most physical, transgressive and emotional performance.

Mikey Woodbridge & Lucio Vidal + Hombre Bosque & Carvento
Saturday 16/7 at 10 pm
From Berlin's nightlife to Spanish copla, from "Show Girl" to "La Violetera", this show proposes two very personal fusions of dance, performance and transformism with which we will travel from cuplé to techno at full rhythm and in full colour.

Las Marikarmen + Marga Socias
Sunday 17/7 at 10 pm
A proposal capable of dynamiting order and normality with urban, queer, explosive and irreverent music, and a performance that makes use of the senses, the body and the memory to invite us to never lose our childish curiosity.

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