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The dance of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company opens the Grec 2017

Tue 18/04/2017 | 13:54 H

Programa mixt (Metamorphers, Echoes from a Restless Soul, Moto Perpetuo), a performance by the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company made up of three choreographies by director Jacopo Godani, will be the show opening the 2017 Barcelona Grec Festival, which gets underway on 1 July.

The production can be seen on 1 and 2 July and it will be a good way of getting to know a company previously directed by the dancer and choreographer WilliamForsythe but which, since 2015, has been at the orders of the Italian Jacopo Godani.

Today, the repertoire of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is basically made up of choreographies by Godani, who has successfully taken the more traditional forms of dance and fused them with contemporary expressions of the arts of movement. Godanis choreographies are noted for this equilibrium between classical and contemporary styles, but also for the great virtuosity that he demands of the dancers who perform them.

Godani is a choreographer with special ties to Barcelona and, more specifically, to IT Dansa, a company created in 1996 at the Institut del Teatre which appreciated right from the start the value of the Italians creations and which has been dancing his choreographies for many years now.

Considered a great master of contemporary dance, in demand by institutions all over Europe, Godani has created choreographies for the major dance companies of the moment: from the Nederlands Dans Theater or the Royal Ballet Covent Garden to the Compañía Nacional de Danza.

In Barcelona, he will perform three short pieces: Metamorphers, a choreographic interpretation of Béla Bártoks String Quartet No. 4; Echoes from a Restless Soul, in which part of the triptych by Maurice Ravel, Gaspard de la Nuit, is danced to; and Moto perpetuo, featuring electronic sounds created by a group with which Godani works regularly: 48nord.

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