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A fascinating musical proposal: the music of Santiago Auserón revisited symphonically with the Barcelona Municipal Band

Wed 22/03/2017 | 10:58 H

On July 8, one of the artists who has left the deepest mark on the Spanish music scene since the 80s will give a show at the Teatre Grec de Montjuïc. This singer will review some of the most outstanding tracks in his career, but in a really different way: in symphonic key. And he will be accompanied in this by an experienced ensemble that delights in experimentation: the Barcelona Municipal Band.

The artist is Santiago Auserón, a musician who rose to fame at the head of the band Radio Futura in the 1980s and 90s, launching hits that now form part of the soundtrack of a whole generation. And not by chance were his lyrics well-rounded and intelligent, because, besides being an excellent musician, Auserón also holds a degree in Philosophy and Letters, having studied under such eminences in modern thought as Gilles Deleuze.

A few years after his Radio Futura days, Auserón adopted the artistic name of Juan Perro and began to explore black music, from soul to son and, particularly the links between this music and early rhythms on the Iberian Peninsula. But Auseróns urge to experiment did not end there, and he is now on a tour that sees him reworking some of the numbers that have made him most popular, accompanied no less than by a symphony orchestra.

In Barcelona, Auserón will be accompanied by the Barcelona Municipal Band, an ensemble closely linked to cultural life in the Catalan capital that always keeps its annual appointment with the Grec Festival. This extraordinarily versatile band, moreover, has engaged in numerous musical experiments. So Auserón will continue to sing tracks like Annabel Lee and La negra flor, but in a very different key, accompanied by an orchestra greatly beloved of Barcelona audiences, a band that celebrated its 130th anniversary last year.

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