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The Grec’s director does not want you to miss out on these shows...

The Grec's director, Cesc Casadesús, would like you to discover not just big names but a small selection of the festival’s must-see creation shows too. Small gems offering you a unique opportunity for enjoying the newest contemporary creations at local and international levels.

Which is why we’re offering you a 40% discount on purchases of at least 4 tickets for these shows, whether you wish to discover them all or just a few.

How to receive this discount?

1. Fill the sales basket with the tickets you’re interested in for one or more of the shows from the selection above.
2. Choose the promotion you’ll find in the pull-down discounts menu.
3. Discounts will automatically apply when you select at least 4 tickets for these shows.

* Unlimited promotion, until tickets sell out.


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