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Dazed by democracy

Simona Levi

Mercat de les Flors - Sala Ovidi Montllor09/07 - 11/07

Humor and a critical view go hand in hand with the new version of a show already seen ten years ago and, once again though updated, takes the form of an interactive performance-conference. Come ... and vote.

Some years ago, in 2006, the cultural association Conservas published a video on the network under the name of this show, which though in the form of a fiction, it was nevertheless nourished by real images, such as real estate and financial entities conspiring, while administrations looked to the other side, to make difficult, if not impossible, the constitutional right to a worthy home. The video, due to the complaints of a banking entity, was no longer available on the Internet, but gave rise to a show that was seen during the 2007/2008 season in sixteen cities within the country and abroad. How has this video changed ten years later? You will see it at the Grec Festival in Barcelona, ​​where the audience plays the role of a nation summoned in the room by their rulers. They want people to make decisions that will be transcendental for the future ... And they will do so by distributing colored cards among the spectators that should allow them to express their opinions, turning a process of apparently democratic participation into a scenic game. Humor, criticism and commitment are fundamental elements of this show, a corrosive satire that will make you think about the limits (if any) between art and activism.

An update of a performance that brings the group Conservas back to the Grec Festival as well as its main characters, Simona Levi, a drama director, playwright, techno political strategist and multidisciplinary artist who has been involved in scenic projects with a high critical content such as Become a banker. Black Cards: all they wanted to hide, with their own words, seen at the Grec 2016 Festival of Barcelona.

A production of Conservas and Xnet

Artistic card

Direction and Playwright: Simona Levi Actors/performers: Judit Saula, Elíes Barberà Music: Jordi Bello Audiovisuals: Iban Arnau, Joan Argemí Technical Design: Xavi Marx, Cube Drama Col·laboration: Fiona Maxence, Sergio Salgado Photography: Edu Bayer Contents 2007/2008: Simona Levi, Marc Sempere, Elisa Blanco, Jordi Bello, Iban Arnau, Joan Argemí, Judit Saula, David Bravo, Stupid Feats, Eloi Maduell, Josian Llorente, Maite Fernández, Elena Fraj, Alf Toledano, Obsolet, Leo Martín, la familia Herranz-Doñate, Ada, Pepe, Marta, Maribel, Pompeu, Pau.


Multimedia gallery


Discipline Hybrid scene

Dates and schedules Monday 9/7 - 21:30 H Tuesday 10/7 - 21:30 H Wednesday 11/7 - 21:30 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration60 min


Price 18 €

Directed toPassions

Other criteria Coproduction


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