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AKA Teatro: "Scratch" + Álvaro Sola


A monologue that focuses on the pacts of desire, the simulation of our moods and the sexuality permitted to women, and a live neo-flamenco “queer” performance by the multidisciplinary artist Álvaro Sola.

AKA Teatro (successor to the Associació Descartable, with over 10 years of experience) is a theatrical production company create by Daniel J. Meyer and Montse Rodríguez Clusella whose aim is to create shows that introduce young adult and adult audiences to universal and controversial themes without vehemence, with new languages, physical, formal and visual power. With original music by Paula Jornet and performed by Clara Mingueza, the monologue Scratch speaks to us through multidisciplinary languages (music, movement, new relationships with the audience) of the social limits of women's sexuality, of the constant need to "be well" and of whether everything is really permitted in the world of the night and couples.

The young singer Álvaro Sola will open this double programme. A multidisciplinary artist from Moradillo de Roa (Burgos), who made his debut in the world of music with the album Puñales, a contemporary fusion with touches of the urban electronica of flamenco styles such as alegrías, bulerías and fandangos which, based on the Catholic tradition of Mary’s Seven Sorrows, explores emotions such as love, jealousy and sorrow. All that, reinterpreting in an unashamedly modern way the style of the great female singers of Spanish copla.

Molinex is a celebration of diversity through performativity linked to the performing arts, music, performance and rescuing memory. As part of the Barcelona Grec 2022 Festival, this is a “queer” rogue’s offering With El Molino as the stage and El Paral·lel as the context.

A Grec Festival 2022 co-production.

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Artistic card

Aka Teatro
Authorship: Daniel J. Meyer, Direted by: Montse Rodríguez Clusella, Song writer: Paula Jornet Performed by: Clara Mingueza, Set: Anna Tantull, Lighting: Natàlia Ramos, Irene Ferrer, Costumes: Aka Teatro, Sound design and sound space: Daniel J. Meyer, Choreography: Guille Vidal-Ribas, Production: Aka Teatro, Production assistant: Gina Aspa Miralta Logo: Quim Àvila Photography: Ona Vilar del Pino Technical coordination: Carla Casanovas Aknowledgements: La Brutal, Pink Pol DJ, Grupo Arena, Admes Castillo, Carles Rodríguez, Nau Ivanow, Diana Roig, Laura Domènech, Ruben Monjo

Created at IX Laboratorio de Escritura Teatral Fundació SGAE 2021.

Álvaro Sola
With: Álvaro Sola

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Hybrid scene

Dates and schedules Sunday 10/7 - 22:00 H

Duration 120 min

Price 15 €

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