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Antes Collado


Mercat de les Flors - Sala Pina Bausch 23/07 - 25/07

We visit the zoo and find the animals disappointing. Why doesn't the lion roar? Why is the ram hiding? This show builds on the visitor's experiences, expectations and frustrations. What do we see from the other side of the bars?

Where is the border between the animal and the human? This is one of the fundamental questions and lines of work for the creator and dancer Antes Collado, who places the origin of his new scenic piece in the so-called “human zoos”. Today and yesterday we enclose what we consider to be "other", the exotic, the threatening. Hasn't the zoo been the optimal place to reaffirm which bodies have the right to gaze, and which must face exposition? Hasn’t it been the place where it has been negotiated which bodies are human and which are animal, abnormal, inhuman?

In front of those world frameworks, Zoo! demands other ways of looking at and conceiving bodies. Antes Collado embodies and provides a space for that which is located at the intersection between dancer and animal, between corporeal and spatial, between light and shadow, between real and symbolic. For, isn’t the body animated by thousands of other bodies, by other corporeal ghosts beyond its familiar avatars?

To untangle question, this show seeks, not so much a new way to meet the human, to reconcile ourselves with it, but a way of dancing that founds figure and landscape, a way of responding slipping away, 'fleeing from study’, as the saying goes. A response that is not a body or an image, but a dance. A dance whose subject is never where expected and has ceased to be the protagonist of their gestures.

Antes Collado is a dancer and scenic arts creator who was born in Castilla–La Mancha in 1991. He uses images and postures to push the body and dance beyond their conventional realms. His multi-faceted personality has led Collado to study fine arts, teach himself styles ranging from urban dance to competitive ballroom dancing, teach Pilates and practice yoga, drawing on each one of these elements and artistic expressions in his creations. He has presented stage shows at a wide variety of venues and festivals, including the Venice Dance Biennale, the Olot Sismògraf Dance Festival, the Cádiz en Danza International Dance Festival, the Beijing Dance Festival and the Brussels Nuit Blanche Festival. He currently resides in Barcelona, where he regularly collaborates with Ça Marche, an artistic collective created in 2015, and with the musical project Tarta Relena.

A co-production of the 2021 Grec Festival de Barcelona and Antes Collado.

With the support of El Graner Dance and Live Arts Creation Centre, Can Gassol – Scenic Arts Centre of Mataró.


Artistic card

Director and performer: J. Antes Collado Dramaturgical adviser: Oriol López  Choreographic adviser: Carolina Campos, Guillem Pascual Lighting designer: Ana Rovira Artistic advisers: Nico Jongen, Cruz Hernández  Sound: Pau Matas, J. Antes Collado Scenographer: Víctor Colmenero Costumes: J. Antes Collado, SoloDance CB NM design Production: Laura Viñals Aknowledgements: Tatín Revenga, Martina Rocosa, Cruz Hérnandez, Ana Lola Cosín Photography: Víctor Colmenero

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Dance

Dates and schedules Friday 23/7 - 20:30 H Saturday 24/7 - 20:30 H Sunday 25/7 - 20:30 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration 55 min

Language No words performance

Price 18 €

Other criteria Coproduction


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