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Audiència / Vernissatge

Václav Havel

DIrected by: Pere Arquillué

La Villarroel | 26/06 - 29/07

Actor and director Pere Arquillué puts on stage two of the most popular theatrical pieces of the Czech author, with whom Hável explored the most absurd and grotesque aspects of his time.

The alienation, the consumerist mentality of men and women of our time, the moral ambiguity and the attempt to be coherent with oneself before a repressive society are topics present in all the work of Vaclav Hável. The renowned writer (and politician), born in 1936 and disappeared in 2011, always insisted on showing, black over white, the "current humanity crisis" as he himself said, starting with the most grotesque and absurd aspects of our world, and he did it with a lot of humor. An example is these two pieces written in 1975, short works that he himself confessed to have written mainly with the intention of entertaining his friends, but which have turned into two of the most represented and representative creations of the author. Vanek (alter ego of the author) is the protagonist of Audiència & Vernissatge, a humble intellectual who, consistent with his dignity, tells us about moral ambiguity and the relationship with power. These two pieces merge in one in Vanek's life and in this show. Hearing is the absurd and dangerous dialogue between a writer repressed by the regime (as was Hável himself) who has been destined to work in an unqualified job at a beer factory and his new boss, a brewing master who will formulate a strange request. In going out of the factory, Vanek is invited to a very special inauguration at some friend’s home, a couple who lives in a material world, full of objects, rules to follow and unquestionable truths, to which they will try strongly that he adapts. 

In these two works converted into one, Hável tells us about ourselves, about the society we have created and our relationship with it, and so that we cannot say that we do not see it, she puts a mirror to our eyes. It is our business to see or not what is reflected in it. 

Produced by La Villarroel,

Artistic card

Author: Vaclav Hável Translation: Monika Zgustová Version / Adaptation: Anna Maria Ricart Director: Pere Arquillué Performers: Joan Carreras, Rosa Gámiz, Josep Julien Scenography: Max Glaenzel Wardrobe: Míriam Compte Lighting Design: Jaume Ventura Assistant director and movement director: Ferran Carvajal



Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules From June 26 to July 29. From Tuesday to Friday at 8:30 pm, Saturday 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm and Sunday 6:30 pm

Space La Villarroel


Price24-28 €

Directed toSummer nights

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