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Lorem Ipsum

MACBA 29/07

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The Lorem Ipsum programmers are opting for complicity with the city's cultural stakeholders and in this session, to close the series, they have invited a Barcelona group that focuses on new musical narratives with African roots.

The dissemination of electronic, experimental and contemporary African sounds, or those coming from the African diaspora, is Jokkoo's raison d'être. This collective has been chosen to close the Lorem Ipsum series with a collection of groups and artists who work along these lines. This is MACBA's commitment to city groups that work independently to expand and maintain the wide variety of sounds in Barcelona. The guests at the double programme being put together by the Jokkoo collective will be Sukitoa o Namau and Aho Ssan.

The Lorem Ipsum series, named after the Latin expression used in graphic design for typography demos and design mock-ups, is back, bringing you music and fun from the fringes. It does so by bringing to its audiences artists who possess their own, unique aesthetics, who blur the boundaries between disciplines, use their creations as a testing ground and place the spotlight on racialised, sexualised, dissident bodies and emerging women artists.

A 2021 Barcelona Grec Festival and Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art co-production.


Artistic card

Photography: David M. Romero

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Music

Dates and schedules Thursday 29/7 - 22:00 H


Price 5 €

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