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Xesca Salvà

La Pedrera - Casa Milà | 14/07 - 17/07

Grec Festival

I am a spectator but I am also the story writer. That’s how the autor wants you to feel, in an installation related to the game world. Open your ears as the sound will trigger your fantasy.

Xesca Salvà is a scenographer, which is why in her show she works with mockups. Seeing the miniature boxes before you enter will make you think of the construction games when you were a child or maybe of a dollhouse. Indeed, playing is ideal to move between fiction and reality, between the person and the character and between the secret and the display. This is a combination between action and installation that starts at the moment they give you headphones, sit you two by two at a table with a miniature and invite you to listen to an audio. In each of the houses you will be told intimate stories starring by women and based on real interviews with inhabitants of different cities. One is an old woman, another has no home, a third will talk about love, freedom and sex, another confesses that she is a witch ... Each house is a story. You only have to prick up your ears and follow instructions, because you will not be just spectators as by manipulating the objects in the houses, you will contribute decisively to the development of each story.

Xesca Salvà, born in Llucmajor, has a degree in scenography from the Institut del Teatre of Diputació de Barcelona and has collaborated in many stage and dance proposals. With this project, she poses a reflection on space as an audible construction and sound as sound architecture, always with the aim of creating emotional spaces that allow viewers to relate to the work they see.

A production of Projecte Cases with the collaboration of Festival IF Barcelona and Fundació Arrels and, particularly, of many women who lend their voices from Barcelona, Mallorca and Cádiz.

In cooperation with Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.

Artistic card

Creation and design: Xesca Salvà Dramaturgy: Jorge Gallardo, Guillem Serrabassa Voice-over: Esperança Crespí Electronic creation: Quim Llorens Sound editing: Odil Bright Production: Maria G. Rovelló


Multimedia gallery


Discipline Hybrid scene

Dates and schedules 14-17 July, from 17.30 to 22 h (performances: 17.30, 18.15, 19.00, 19.45, 20.30 and 21.15 h)

Space La Pedrera - Casa Milà

Duration72 min

LanguageCatalan and Spanish

Directed toPassions

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