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Diagonale du Vide / Cia Doisacordes / Palimsesta / Édouard Peurichard /

Mercat de les Flors - Sala Ovidi Montllor 11/07 - 12/07

A European jury has chosen, for their uniqueness and creativity, the artists who have joined this year’s platform devoted to emerging circus artists. It is a showcase of the best in contemporary circus from the European Union.

The name circusnext refers to a platform devoted to the circus that brings together members from 17 European countries who seek to identify new talents in the genre and provide them with support so they can emerge and create their first works. With this show, introduced by circus director Vivian Friedrich, Grec is showcasing the talents of four of the 12 artists and companies who were the finalists in the 2023 edition of circusnext:

Diagonale du Vide (Amanda Homa & Idriss Roca)

C’est l’hiver, le ciel est bleu

A juggler and a specialist in aerial tricks use the contrasts between their characters to find points of connection. They have devised a show based on ropes, juggling, acrobatics and elements from everyday life which is set in a small box with the two performers inside it. What is the relationship between the two bodies?

A co-production of the École de cirque de Lyon, La Grainerie, Fondation E.C.Art Pomaret, Festival les Utopistes,  Théâtre de la Mouche, CIRCa - pôle national cirque, La Verrerie d'Ales - pôle national cirque Occitanie, Espace Périphérique (Parc de la Villette - Paris) and Groupe Geste(s).

In conjunction with the Théâtre des Mazades, MJC de Montastruc, l’Essieu de Batut, F.R.A.C. (Madrid), La maison des jonglages, Dynamo (Denmark), Théâtre Jules Julien, Centre Culturel Espace Bonnefoy, Circus Kapel and Festival Circolo (Netherlands). 

Cia Doisacordes (Roberto Willcock & Thiago Souza)

Cá entre nós

A Brazilian and a Chilean artist formed a company and decided to move to Barcelona. Together they created a manifesto-show which appropriates the Brazilian expression that lends its name to the title. This expression stresses the need and urgency when sharing certain information for it not to be shared outside that space and for it to remain among the people involved. 

In conjunction with La Central del Circ, Roca Umbert, C.IN.E, FRAC Fuenlabrada, Bravo - Italian Circus on the Move, UP!, Latitude 50, Centre de Création, Cirko Sapiens.

Palimsesta (Andrea Rodriguez de Liebana & Sergio Gonzalez)


This company was created in late 2021 by Andrea Rodríguez, an art researcher, teacher and architect, and Sergio González, an artist, social worker and art researcher. Their first show is Masha, a performative circus experience which offers a space to observe, reflect and coexist with the unexpected and alien, a creative-human-laboratory which institutes a time and a space where we can collectively question ourselves as a species by revealing the denaturalisation and dehumanisation of society and the contemporary world.

In conjunction with the Central del Circ, Lleialtat Santseca, Nau Ivanow, Can Batlló, Centre Civic la Cadena, Café de las Artes Teatro, Arts Printing House, Government of Catalonia-Ministry of Culture.

Édouard Peurichard

Le repos du guerrier

In this solo piece, this French artist specialising in knife-throwing, juggling and acrobatics offers an intimate and somewhat ironic view of the life of a circus artist. It is a reflection on everything the circus says about us and about the artists (either traditional or contemporary) who practise it.

A La Superette production.

Co-produced with CIRCA (Pôle National de Cirque), La Grainerie (Fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance), Association Par Haz’art, L’été de Vaour, Le Théâtre de l’Arsenic. Centre Culturel de Bonnefoy.

In cooperation with Institut Français Barcelone.


Artistic card

Introduced by: Vivian Friedrich

Diagonale du Vide (Amanda Homa & Idriss Roca)

Creators and performers: Amanda Homa, Idriss Roca. Outside glance on dramaturgy: Taicyr Fadel. Lighting design: Charlotte Eugoné, Julie Malka. Outside consultant on body and movement: Christophe Le Goff, Malika Lepeyre. Outside consultant on stage design: Joël Fesel. Musical composition: Simon Berger. Set construction: Franck Breuil. Photos and videos: Samuel Brien. Production and publicity: Baron Production. 

Cia Doisacordes (Roberto Willcock & Thiago Souza).

Creators and performers: Roberto Willcock, Thiago Souza. Lighting design: Gabriela Bianchi. Musical composition: Jokubas Tulaba.

Palimsesta (Andrea Rodriguez de Liebana & Sergio Gonzalez)

Original idea, creation and performance: Andrea Rodríguez de Liébana, Sergio Gonzalez. Production-mediation-research: Marissa Paituví. Technician: Sarah Jeneway. Artistic mentoring: Elena Zanzu, Chiara Marchese. Acknowledgements: Johnny Torres, Mila Rodriguez. Costume design: Lisa Ivarsson.

Édouard Peurichard

Conception and writing: Edouard Peurichard. Artistic collaboration: Christian Coumin. Technical manager: Manolie Fontanière.

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Circus

Dates and schedules 11 and 12 July, at 8:30 pm

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration 120 min

Price 18 €

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