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‘Conversations’ with Chile

Guillermo Calderón, Manuela Infante and others

Online show ( | 02/07 - 30/12

Grec en obert

With the complicity of the Santiago a Mil Festival, two directors who should have presented shows at the Grec 2020 offered a sample of their work, in a production that was complemented by talks and get-togethers with Chilean intellectuals.

Santiago a Mil is an annual theatre festival held in Santiago de Chile, attracting some of the most interesting names on the modern Latin American and worldwide scene. Guillermo Calderón and Manuela Infante have presented their most recent works here. Through the Festival, these two dramatists should have presented Dragón [Dragon] and Estado vegetal [Vegetal state], respectively, at this year's Grec.

However, these two playwrights and directors presented an online sample of their creations instead. Firstly, Manuela Infante edited and mixed an audio piece that is based on the show Estado vegetal, a production about the dialogue between plants and human beings. It's Estado vegetal para los oídos [Vegetal state for your ears].

Meanwhile, Guillermo Calderón should have presented Dragón at the festival, a story about a group of artists who get together to create the show that will finally put them on the map. The plot leads to a reflection on opportunism and violence, written by a Chilean playwright and director with a long international career behind him. At the Grec, we saw an audiovisual capsule, La segunda vida de un Dragón [The second life of a Dragon], made especially for the festival, in the format of a sort of mini-documentary about Dragón, cross-referencing the show with the political context in today's Chile and the consequences of the pandemic.

In addition, on the website of you can also see the assembly of the Krapp Group The future of hippos. It is the work of one of the most prominent and irreverent dance groups in Argentina and he wonders what dance, language and communication will be like in the future. The proposal aims to be a form of resistance to death, a starting point from which all futures are possible.

The voice of creative women in Latin America was heard at a Latin American Creative Forum hold on Thursday, July 23 (7pm), in which women from the theater talked about their work. Manuela Infante (Chile) led an open conversation in which Chaska Mori (Peru), Marianella Morena (Uruguay) and Laura Paredes, from the Argentine group Piel de Lava also participated. The conversation was organized using video conferencing software. You will find more information on the web

The get-together was complemented by a series of talks, what is known in Latin America as ‘conversatorios’, which show us the thoughts of Chilean philosophers and intellectuals. 

Artistic card

Estado vegetal para los oídos

Director: Manuela Infante Dramaturgy: Manuela Infante, Marcela Salinas Performed by: Marcela Salinas Overall design: Rocío Hernández Design and tooling: Ignacia Pizarro Voice recordings: Pol del Sur Produced by: Carmina Infante 

Coproduced by: NAVE and Fundación Teatro a Mil


La segunda vida de un Dragón

Playwright and director: Guillermo Calderón Performed by: Luis Cerda, Camila González, Francisca Lewin Assistant director and multi-media design: Ximena Sánchez Overall design: Rocío Hernández Lighting and scenography technician: Manuela Mege Costumes and design assistant: Daniela Vargas Audiovisuals: Alex Waghorn, La Copia Feliz, Ximena Sánchez Produced by: María Paz González

Coproduced by: Fundación Teatro a Mil, Teatro UC y Theater der Welt 2020 Düsseldorf


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