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Biennal del Pensament 2020

Several venues | 10/10 - 18/10

De Grec a Grec

Artists and creators from different disciplines and with connections to some of the city’s creation factories are coming into contact with Barcelona’s cultural museums and institutions and interacting with their facilities and collections in a series of theatre, dance, circus and music productions.

October 10 at 12 noon and 6 p.m.
Frederic Marès Museum (pl. Sant Iu, 5)
Tour, by Carla Fareny

Based on the collections at the Museu Frederic Marès, this is a search for a dialogue between the declinations of various collector’s items and the declinations of the turner (kiln finished jar-wet clay jar-dry clay jar), along with the possible declinations of the suspended body of trapeze artist Carla Farreny.
A proposal from La Central del Circ.

October 15-31
Presentation October 15th at 18:30 p.m.
Museu de la Música (c. Lepant, 150)
Hard persistence, by Helena Vinent

When a person starts using a prosthesis ceases to identify him or herself as a biological organism, becoming something that, for many, is trapped in science fiction: a cyber-organism or cyborg. “Hard persistence” is an autobiographical essay-fiction based on the author's relationship with hearing aids, music and sound from her perspective as a deaf person.
Direction: Helena Vinent | Assistant Director: Desirée Quevedo | Editing: Helena Vinent | Subtitles: Helena Vinent | Photography and camera: Agustín Ortiz Herrera | 3D and CGI Design: Desirée Quevedo | Creating avatars and screens: Helena Vinent | Voice: Helena Vinent | Music and sound: Carles Esteban
A proposal from

October 13-18 (permanent exhibition)
Presentation October 14th at 18:00 p.m.

Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món (pg. Santa Madrona, 16)
Ciudades imposibles, by Aristeo Mora

A participatory process with local residents from the Sagrera neighbourhood led to a series of project through which we will be able to view a series of ... Impossible cities! Now, the Museu de la Ciutat Impossible's collections are turned into an interactive digital live art piece directed by stage director Aristeo Mora. Developed by the Compañía Opcional and Globus Vermell.
A proposal from Nau Ivanow.

October 15 at 6:45 p.m.
Montjuïc Castle (ctra. De Montjuïc, 66)
Stone and Silk, by Paloma Muñoz

Bodies like scratches, like echoes bouncing against the stone. Bodies that disturb the air, that transmute into buzz. "Stone and Silk" is about space, its materiality, its smell, its sound, its memory. A celebration of the present, of the living.
Direction and choreography: Paloma Muñoz | Performers: Tanit Cobas, Jacob Gomez, Rober Gomez, Lara Misó | Sound space: Guillem Llotje | Production: Rita Stivala | Photography: Magui Pichinini
A proposal from Graner, creation centre.

Oct. 16 and 17 at 8.45 p.m.
El Born CCM (pl. Comercial, 12)
Un altre dia diví, by Ferran Utzet

In our overstimulated world, an isolated look or a movement can be a subversion. A story is constructed about what a body means today, about its desire to be, to communicate and what the gaze of others, face-to-face or virtualized, provokes him.
To enjoy the show you must bring a battery-powered smartphone and headphones.
Performers: Natalia Carminati, Lucía Lerendegui, Llapispanc | Direction: Ferran Utzet | Curator: Enric Puig Punyet | Technical coordination: Paula Miranda
A proposal from La Escocesa.

Oct. 17 at 7 p.m.
El Born CCM (pl. Comercial, 12)
Round Table - Conversation "Creation and Museums"

Round table with the participation of artists and professionals from museums and factories that are the protagonists of the creations of this edition.
The table will be moderated by Júlia Bertran, cultural journalist and will feature the participation of Clara Sen (Music Museum), Àxel González (Montjuïc Castle), Paula Vallejo (La Central del Circ), David Marín (Nau Ivanow), Ferran Utzet (creator of “Un altre dia diví”), Laia Estruch (creator of “Cantar l'aigua”).

Oct. 17 and 18 at 11 p.m.
MUHBA Casa de l'Aigua (c. Torrent de la Perera, s/n)
Cantar l'aigua, by Marc Vives and Laia Estruch

A journey that investigates the spatial experimentation of the sound takes us from the outside of the Casa de l'Aigua to the underground cavities of this pumping station to the chlorination tanks that used to be in charge for sending water to the city. This performance mixes various musical traditions that are linked to the ways the water flows to the sea.
Creation and direction: Laia Estruch and Marc Vives | Performers: Laia Estruch, Marc Vives and Arnau Sala | Sound design: Arnau Sala | Wind instruments collaboration: Xavi Lozano​ | Body training collaboration: Matilde Amigo | Thanks to: Centre d'Art Social Comunitari Trinijove
With the collaboration of the Nou Barris District and the Sant Andreu District.
A proposal from La Caldera.


Multimedia gallery

Dates and schedules 10/10 - 18/10

Space Several venues

PriceFree (with previous reservation)

Other criteria Coproduction


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