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Déjà vu

Cia. Manolo Alcántara

Mercat de les Flors - Sala Ovidi Montllor09/07 - 11/07

Especially suggestive, risky and fascinating ... This show is a visual spectacle that puts us on the limits between dream and reality.

What is the distance between dream and reality? This is the starting point of Manolo Alcántara’s creation, whose main character is the only one. He has ambitious dreams that are, in fact, the expression of his arrogance. But these grandiloquent dreams are far from the everyday life of those who imagine them, and the distance between desire and reality ends up throwing our character into discouragement. Listen to the music and teh sounds: sometimes, they will be as repetitive and monotonous as the very same existence and sometimes, they will be alive and joyful, an authentic soundtrack of a somehow dream world. Fiction or reality? You may feel confused, because everything happens in an indefinite time and space in which objects have impossible proportions and everything seems bigger or smaller than it should be. All of this is a visual spectacle, without text, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred from a story with a touch of melancholy. Just as if Bartleby the writer was suddenly immersed in the fabulous world of Alice in Wonderland ...

Performance signed by a self-taught artist who worked alone until, in 2000, he participated in the founding of the Circus Imperfect company. In 2006 he created his own company, Solo Manolo, and brought the Locomotive show to stage. In 2010 he signed the show Plecs with Xavi Erra, and finally, in the year 2014 he created the Manolo Alcántara Company, who premiered the Rudo show, seen at the Grec of that year, where he used large boxes to build a changing set.

A production of la companyia Manolo Alcántara

Co-produced by 2019 Grec Festival of Barcelona

With the support of the production of La Destil·leria

With the support of Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC) del departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and el Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) del Ministeri de Cultura.

With the collaboration of Teatre Principal d’Olot, Teatres en Xarxa, Teatre Núria Espert de Sant Andreu de la Barca, Teatre Clavé de Tordera, Teatre Bartrina de Reus, Social Antzokia de Basauri i Teatro-Circo de Múrcia.

Acknowledgements: Guga, Raquel Garcia, Amèlia Bautista, Marie Pierre Durand, Toti Toronell, and all those professionals and institutions that have contributed to give birth to Déjà-vu.

This performance is recommended for audiences from 7 years old onwards.

Artistic card

Idea, creation and direction: Manolo Alcántara Interpretation: Manolo Alcántara, Laia Rius, Andreu Sans Interpretation support: Joan Trilla Musical composition, musical direction, arrangements and live musical interpretation : Laia Rius Musical production: Pep Pascual, Laia Rius Recorded musical interpretation: Josep Traver (guitars, lute, banjo), Ivan Tomasevic (double bass, electric bass), Pep Pascual (percussion), Maria Bou, (violoncello), Laia Rius (violins, octave violin), Xavi Túrnez (voices) Scenography design: Manolo Alcántara Atrezzo and vidual and pictorial finsishes: Xavi Erra Scenography setting: Eudardo Fernández, Cia. Manolo Alcántara Costume design: Rosa Solé Technical manager, lighting and sound design: Ivan Tomasevic Puppet design: Toni Zafra Sound engineering: Pep Pascual Management and production: Clàudia Sàez


Multimedia gallery

Manolo Alcántara


Discipline Circus

Dates and schedules Tuesday 9/7 - 18:00 H Wednesday 10/7 - 18:00 H Thursday 11/7 - 18:00 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration60 min

LanguageEspectacle sense text

Price 18 €

Directed toIn company

Other criteria Coproduction


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