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El Pot Petit

Grec for families

Teatre Grec | 11/07

Grec Festival

Let's all go to the festival! Once again, the Montjuïc theatre and its surrounding gardens are the venue for audiences of all ages. It's all about music, with a band that combines its songs with puppets and theatre.

Come to the Teatre Grec grounds and take a stroll in the Amargós rose garden, which surrounds the epicentre of Barcelona's Grec Festival. On this Saturday in July, it will be buzzing with activity, thanks to El Pot Petit, a pot full of magic, characters and songs that you shouldn't miss for anything in the world. The kids all enjoy the performances of Pau, Jana, the Melmelada Band, Gina, Juna and Pol, but so do all the adults. Come along, because the musicians you will see on stage will show you all kinds of characters, including an embarrassed lion, a cowardly caterpillar, the Drac Rac dragon, some pirates, a giraffe and even an elephant and a rock-’n’-roll ant! Music, theatre and puppets. All of these artistic disciplines have come together to achieve a really important objective:  To make you laugh, or at least smile, and ensure that everyone spends an unforgettable afternoon in the Teatre Grec: you and the mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, godfathers and godmothers who come with you. Are you all ready to have a good time?


A Petits Camaleons production.

Artistic card

Dirección artística, idea y texto: El Pot Petit Dirección musical: Pau Oliver Canciones y música: El Pot Petit Guitarra y actor cantante: Siddartha Vargas Actriz cantante: Helena Bagué Batería: Pau Oliver Bajo: Pol Bonay Piano y violín: Albert Dondarza Titiritera y cantante: Olga Bernardo / Mercè Munné Trompeta: Ariadna Gispert Trombón: Joni Ripoll Técnico de sonido: Marc Usano Vestuario: Vestuaria y El Pot Petit Títeres: Siddartha Vargas Producción: El Pot Petit


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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules Saturday 11/7 - 19:30 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration60 min


Price 5 €


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