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Nelson Valente

La Villarroel | 02/10 - 01/11

La Villarroel

De Grec a Grec

Have you ever thought about whether you like your life? Laura has, and the questions she raises destroyed her family life. Her story is told by an Argentinian author and director and a star cast of Catalan actors.

Beware of unexpected meetings and little details, because they often contain the seeds that germinate without our knowing for certain which plants will spring up from them. This happens to one of the central characters of this story, Laura, on the day she turns 40. During a trip on the metro, she meets a stranger who whispers a secret into her ear. That simple phrase which she could have forgotten and which she could have simply dismissed drops a bomb which, for all the central character’s efforts to keep her loved ones united, turns her family life into a battlefield. Laura has dared to look at her own life through her conscience. It is an entirely heroic endeavour, but there is no turning back anymore and she is now overwhelmed by a total existential crisis: is this the life I want? When did I choose it? Is this how I want to spend my remaining days? Yes, these are especially powerful questions. So much so that they not only cause one person's crisis but also stoke the fire among those around her. Hatred, resentment, love and a host of stories of the past emerge, reflected in the eyes of the dogs that form part of the family history and which, now, seem to cast their gaze on the present. Imagined pasts, lives frustrated by fear, victimisations: all are part of a story that speaks not just of the family you see on stage, but also the audience sitting in the stalls and, in fact, humanity as a whole. It comes from the imagination of an Argentinian author who received a joint commission from the Grec Festival de Barcelona and the Sala Trono to create this production and stage it with an exceptional cast headed by Mercè Arànega.

A director, playwright and drama teacher born in Buenos Aires, Nelson Valente is the founder and director of the Compañía del Complejo Cultural Banfield Teatro Ensamble, in Lomas de Zamora (Gran Buenos Aires). He has directed plays by authors ranging from Beckett to Shakespeare, as well as Pau Miró and Pere Riera, and has collaborated, as he does here, with the Sala Trono de Tarragona. His creations performed in Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama and Spain include works such as El loco y la camisa, El declive, Sólo llamé para decirte que te amo and Lontano Blue.

A Sala Trono production in collaboration with the Grec Festival de Barcelona.

The De Grec a Grec programme is subject to the recommendations of the health authorities and the uncertainty of the current situation.

Artistic card

Written and directed by: Nelson Valente Translated by: Joan Negrié Performed by: Mercè Arànega, Màrcia Cisteró, Joan Negrié and Albert Pérez Assistant direct and stage manager: Pau Ferran Stage design and costumes: Albert Pascual Lighting design: Guillem Gelabert Produced by: Eloi Isern Press and communication: Mariona Garcia Photographs and graphic design: Albert Rué


Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules 02/10 - 01/11

Space La Villarroel

Duration75 min


Price20 - 30 €

Other criteria Coproduction


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