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Mercat de les Flors - Sala Maria Aurèlia Capmany27/07 - 28/07

Dancer and choreographer, essential in the flamenco scene of our time. The artist invites us to a scenic journey that uses singing, music and dance to introduce us to the musical traditions of the island of Amami, in Japan.

Is there a way whereby people who speak different languages ​​and come from cultural contexts that have little in common can come to understand each other? Eva Yerbabuena and the artists she works with have actually managed by using universal languages ​​such as music, dance and, especially, a spirituality that soaks up flamenco, which she knows thoroughly as well as Asian culture, protagonist of a show in which they combine musical instruments from different traditions. And it is precisely these flamenco sounds and the oriental tradition find a meeting point in a series of powerful and universal images: from a sea wave to a war drums. The Japanese singer Anna Sato is the one who introduced Eva Yerbabuena into the culture of the Amami Islands, in southern Japan, and has helped her create the show. You will listen to popular songs from this area, where Sato comes from, one of the artists that best represents the new generation of Amami performers and who is striving to make the shima uta be known in the West; a musical legacy of some islands that, despite being part of Japan, they keep their own dialect and culture.

Now, Eva Yerbabuena shares her artistic experience with Anna Sato, who had already collaborated with such prestigious choreographers as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Yerbabuena is a dancer who has managed to combine flamenco with the records of contemporary dance and who has starred in a meteoric career that has made her one of the most refreshing and interesting flamenco dancers and choreographers of the moment. Already seen in the Grec for the first time in 2007, when it presented Santo y seña, it has returned to the festival in 2010 with Lluvia, turned into a recognized value of dance. Now, it visits the Mercat de les Flors with an exciting attempt to unite East and West with the thread of art.

A production by the Company Eva Yerbabuena

With the collaboration of Acción Cultural Española, la Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, la Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales y el Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) del Ministerio de Cultura.

Artistic card

Direction, concept and choreography: Eva Yerbabuena Musical direction and guitar: Paco Jarana Special collaboration: Anna Sato Musical interpretation: Alfredo Tejada, Miguel Ortega (singing), Antonio Coronel (drums and cajon drum), Kaoru Watanabe (taiko), Rafael Heredia (cajón drum and congas) Dance: Fernando Jiménez Flamenco singing lyrics: Horacio García / Popular Japanese singing lyrics: Popular de Amami Invited choreographer: Mario Bermúdez Gil (Marcat Dance) Stage design: Lighting design: Fernando Martín Costume design and making: López de Santos Fabrics’ Painting and dying: María Calderón Video edition: Fernando Brea Technical and sound coordination: Ángel Olalla Costume: Gabriel Portillo Stage manager: Daniel Estrada Photography: Erregiro photography Footwear: Begoña Cervera Tour Manager: Tany Biggie Communication: Cultproject Production: Compañía Eva Yerbabuena (María Molina), Hisashi Itoh


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Discipline Dance Music

Dates and schedules Friday 27/7 - 20:00 H Saturday 28/7 - 20:00 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration80 min

Price 25 €

Directed toFrom Melbourne to New York

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