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Les Impuxibles

Mercat de les Flors - Sala Ovidi Montllor 07/07 - 09/07

A ritual, a ceremony for the diversity of bodies, for feelings and for passions that invites us to wonder how we relate to ourselves, especially women, in order to discover that our body is the problem, all rolled into one!

The French doctor and intellectual Georges Cangilhem (1904-1995) said that, in reality, “all living forms are normalised monsters”. With this idea in mind, a team of six performers from various disciplines have created a show where they present themselves as six living archives, six documents of flesh and bone.

They not only bring their respective experiences to the stage, but also a series of stories that say a lot about our time: some speak about eating disorders, others about getting old, others about the conversion of the natural into pornography, etc. They are tales that present the body as a space occupied (and politicised) by different models. The performers talk about sexuality, racism, colonialism and our phobia of obesity, or in other words, about the pressure we are all under (especially women) to ensure that our bodies conform to an ideal that someone has created.

FAM encourages us to wonder how we relate to ourselves, through self-esteem, and with everyone else, through sexual and affective relationships. They cite the body as the problem, but also as the solution. And if we think of our bodies as a revolutionary tool? FAM is a requiem about resting our bodies which is transformed into a hymn, a dance for diversity, for affection, actions, passions... Because everything that makes us numb also wakes us up and tests our limits.

These performers use the artistic languages of music, movement and words, starting with dancer and choreographer Ariadna Peya,and pianist and composer Clara Peya, who are joined by the Catalan actress and singer Kathy Sey (a member of The Sey Sisters), dancer Helena Gispert, actress Sandra Pujol and dancer, choreographer, photographer and self-taught visual artist Laila White. They are the visible face of a show created by Les Impuxibles, a company led by sisters Clara and Ariadna Peya, who in this production have been joined by the talent of the scenographer Judit Colomer and the dramatist María Velasco. They work with the individual artistic power of each member of the company, but more especially, they base it on the harmony of the connection that holds their varied perspectives together.

Les Impuxibles, the authors of shows that include Aüc (Grec 2017) Painball (2018), Suite TOC núm. 6 (2019) and Des-espera (2020), combine artistic disciplines and forge alliances between creators, always with the aim of reporting, observing and calling for social change. And once again, they aim to offer an accessible show.

A coproduction from the Grec 2021 Festival de Barcelona and Temporada Alta 2020 Festival.

With the support of Sismògraf Festival, Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals and Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics.

Residency: El Graner, centre de creació de dansa i arts vives, L'Estruch, fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu and Teatre Sagarra de Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

On Thursday, 8 July, the show will be followed by a discussion as part of the Debat Grec series: “Creation, Colonialism and Racism”.



Artistic card

Authors: Les Impuxibles, Judit Colomer, María Velasco Directors: Ariadna Peya, Clara Peya Music composed and performed by: Clara Peya Choreographer: Ariadna Peya Text: María Velasco Performers: Sandra Pujol, Kathy Sey, Helena Gispert, Laila White, Ariadna Peya, Clara Peya Set: Judit Colomer Mascaró Set construction: Taller Castells Lighting design: Jordi Berch Sound design: Carles Bernal Projections: Carme Gomila Costumes: Iker Nafta Dressmaking: Andrea Ruiz Assistant director and producer: Xavi Buxeda Content advisers: Teo Pardo, Elena Prous, Nagore Iturrioz Accessibility advisers: Èlia Farrero Executive producer: Gràcia Camps Miró, Mireia Gràcia Bell-lloch Social networks: Xavi Buxeda Distribution: Mireia Gràcia Bell-lloch Aknowledgements: Denise Duncan, Júlia Barceló, Joana Gomila,  Nau Ivanow, El Graner, Carme Duran, Antonio Centeno, Vicky Fotabon, Laura Vila Kremer, Txus Garcia, Mari Luz Esteban, Mireia Calafell, Chantal Maillard, Lourdes Bergada, Sigman Cucala Photography: Xavi Buxeda

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Hybrid scene

Dates and schedules Wednesday 7/7 - 21:00 H Thursday 8/7 - 21:00 H Friday 9/7 - 21:00 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration 80 min

Language Catalan Original version with subtitles

Price 22 €

Other criteria Coproduction


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