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Director: Antonio Simón

Teatre Grec | 31/07

A new reading of the latest work written by the Greek playwright that talks about manipulation and the use of pain for political purposes. The production converts women into counterweights in the warlike culture of a masculine world.

It tells the myth of Philoctetes, one of the Greek heroes who participated in the expedition that was to destroy Troy, being bitten by a snake. His infected wound reeked so badly and the sound of his cries of pain made his expedition companions so uncomfortable that they abandoned him on the desert island of Lemnos. Years after this betrayal, his travel companions, among them Ulysses, unable to overcome the Trojan resistance, decided to go and find Philoctetes and take his bow, a magical and essential weapon given to him by Heracles, son of Zeus. Sensing Philoctetes’ resistance to the wishes of those companion’s who’d betrayed him, Ulysses decides to take with him Neoptolemus, son of Achilles, and previously the abandoned warrior's best friend. The young man aspires to be part of the elite, and will therefore have to snatch the weapon away from Philoctetes. However, in this operation, he must face his own scruples. Should he behave in an ethically fair way or is he obliged to serve his country first and foremost and use unworthy behaviour in order to obtain the weapon that will defeat the Trojans? This tale is about using the pain and suffering of others, conveniently manipulated by a Ulysses who has become the embodiment of power. The director Antonio Simón converts the classic chorus of Greek tragedies into a female chorus, a counterweight to the testosterone that fills the history of power, wars and betrayals. A proposal that takes many references from the original script to the contemporary world by presenting us with corrupt, depraved and mediocre characters who, perhaps like nowadays, succeed ethically correct characters who die in battle or are excluded from the community.

A Bitò and International Festival of Classical Theatre of Mérida 2018 production.

Artistic card

Performers: Pedro Casablanc, Pepe Viyuela, Félix Gómez, Samuel Viyuela, and Miguel Rellán as special guest Chorus: Arantxa Aranguren, Sandra Arpa, Marina Esteve, María Herrero, Sara Illán, Nahia Láiz, Mónica Portillo

Version: Jordi Casanovas Dramaturgy: Jordi Casanovas, Antonio Simón Director: Antonio Simón Stage design: Paco Azorín Costumes: Sandra Espinosa Choreography: Moreno Bernardi Music: Lucas Ariel Vallejos 

Lighting: Pau Fullana Video: Pedro Chamizo Characterization: Lolita Gómez Assistant director: Gerard Iravedra Set assistant: Juan Sebastián Domínguez Costumes assistant: Alazne Torres Set construction: Taller del Teatre-Auditori de Sant Cugat Lighting technician: José Manuel Cerdeiriña Stage machinery: Benito Sánchez Sound technician: Fernando Díaz AV technician: Israel Menéndez Characterization and costumes technician: Gema Solanilla
Production assistant/Tour manager: Beatrice Binotti Production assistant: Clàudia Flores Executive production: Nadia Corral Production manager: Josep Domènech Thanks to: Teatro de la Abadía, El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze



Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Tuesday 31/7 - 22:00 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration90 min


Price15 -30 €

Directed toSummer nights

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