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Género imposible

Sílvia Pérez Cruz

Teatre Romea 29/07 - 06/08

Dance, theatre, cinema, poetry: these are disciplines that have crossed paths in Sílvia Pérez Cruz’s career. And now they're at it again in a creative lab run by artists working in different fields representing an all-out celebration of interdisciplinarity.

Sílvia Pérez Cruz has brought music to theatre and dance shows, written and performed pieces for fiction films and documentaries, and drawn on poetry as the raw material for her compositions throughout her career. Good examples include films such as Álvaro Brechner’s La noche de 12 años [2018]; the show Grito pelao, featuring the dancer Rocío Molina (Grec 2018) and her compositions for the theatre production Cyrano, starring Lluís Homar, and the original music for the acclaimed animated film Josep (Aurel, 2020). Based on these and other experiences in different artistic genres, Sílvia Pérez Cruz released Farsa (género imposible): an album whose title includes the word farsa, from the French farce and which referred to the brief comedies that comedians performed between acts during theatre performances at the court of Louis XVI. In Pérez Cruz's imagery words are used as a reflection on the duality between what we are in private and what we show in public, between apparent wealth and true emptiness, so typical of our times.

The album is presented in its stage format, not as a concert in use, but as a new multidisciplinary creation in which a team of artists hailing from different fields: dancer Elena Córdoba; playwright, actor and poet Pablo Messiez; set designers Silvia Delagneau and Max Glaenzel; painter, lighting designer and poet Carlos Marquerie; sound engineer and creator of sound spaces Juan Casanovas and costume designer Cecilia Molano. This is, in short, a new dialogue between different artistic disciplines constituting the logical continuation of an album that offers this same dialogue as its point of departure.

An El Pez Cruz production.
A Barcelona Grec Festival 2020 and Teatro Español co-production

Artistic card

Original idea and general director: Sílvia Pérez Cruz Assistant director and external viewpoint: Pablo Messiez, Elena Córdoba Music compositions: Sílvia Pérez Cruz Written by: Pablo Messiez Movement supervisor: Elena Córdoba Set design: Sílvia Delagneau and Max Glaenzel Lighting: Carlos Marquerie Lighting assistant: Natàlia Ramos 16 mm visual pieces creator: Adriana Vila Guevara Video programmer: David Benito Costume design: Cecilia Molano Costume tailoring: Javier Navas Sound design and engineering: Juan Casanovas Technical manager and producer: David Benito and Albert Sorribes Stage construction: Pascualin Estructures, Taller d’Escenografia Castells Production coordination: Albert Sorribes, Neus Carreras Sound technician: Juan Casanovas Lighting and video operator: Natàlia Ramos Tour producer: Álex Sánchez, Albert Sorribes, Neus Carreras Distribution in Spain: El Pez Cruz Photography: Igor Cortadellas Special thanks to: Mauricio Rosencof (voice-over), Isaki Lacuesta

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Hybrid scene

Dates and schedules 29 July to 6 August, Wednesday-Saturday, 8.00 p.m.; Sunday, 6.30 p.m.

Space Teatre Romea

Duration 110 min

Language Catalan, Spanish and English

Price 20-35 €

Other criteria Coproduction

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