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Gran reserva

Rhum & Cia

Teatre Borràs 07/07 - 01/08

Since Rhum & Cia first appeared at the Grec in 2014, over 50,000 people have seen their three shows. And they have all been happily intoxicated by the company’s roguish and hilarious sense of humour. Now it’s the turn of the 2020 crop.

Where’s the secret? Maybe in the mix of local varieties, perhaps in the velvety texture of the great classics or in the bouquet given off by their humour... Whatever it is, the products of this wine cellar have addicted the public from Barcelona and beyond who passed through the Grec festival (and later the city’s theatres) in 2014, for the première of Rhum; in 2016, to see Rhümia and 2018, to serve themselves a last drop of circus with Rhumans. A changing team of sommeliers sporting a red nose and equipped with large doses of absurd humour and magic, but tenderness and emotion too, are tasked with serving the tables. These clowns keep on filling our glasses to overflowing with their vintage humour but this time they have also picked out some of the best moments from the previous shows to stage them again at a frenetic pace. The result is a Gran reserva that promises to awaken our love for the insane and the absurd, while putting our more rational and boring side to sleep. Deserving recipients of all kinds of awards, Rhum & Cia’s previous vintages have even earned a City of Barcelona Circus Award (Rhumans, 2018). So, what can we expect from a distilled version of the best essences achieved so far? Gran reserva promises to be a spectacular end to an experience that grew out of the determination of Rhum & Cia’s members to pay tribute to Joan Montanyès “Monti”, one of the great clowns and actors of our time.

A 2020 Barcelona Grec Festival and Velvet Events SL production

With the support of the Teatre Zorrilla de Badalona, Teatre Joventut de lHospitalet, Teatre Bartrina de Reus, Teatre Principal de Vilanova, Teatre Cirvianum de Torelló, Teatre Monumental de Mataró, Badalona Cultura and Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals

Acknowledgements: Montse Colomé, Toni Santos, Sarah Bernardy, Guillem Albà, Martí Torras Mayneris, Rosa Solé, Ramon Ciércoles, Fàtima Campos, Xavier Ribalaygua, Andreu Fàbregas, Jordi Aspa, Elisa Echegaray, Paca Naharro, Magí Serra, Andrés Lima, Marduix Titelles, Ramon Simó and every one of the clowns, musicians, technicians and friends who have worked with Rhum & Cia.

Artistic card

Authors and directors: Rhum & Cia Performed by: Joan Arqué, Roger Julià, Mauro Paganini, Jordi Martínez, Piero Steiner Music director: Pep Pascual Music: Pep Pascual, Mauro Paganini Technical director: Xavi Xipell “Xipi” Production director: Carles Manrique (Velvet Events) Scenography: Rhum & Cia Lighting design: Quico Gutiérrez, Alfons Mas Sound design / sound concept: Marc Santa Stage manager. Lluc Armengol Distribution: Elena Blanco - Magneticam Press: Anna Aurich Photographs: Pablo Agudo, Martí E. Berenguer, Pep Gol, Josep Guindo, David Ruano Graphic design: Maria Picassó 

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Dates and schedules Wednesday and Thursday, 8.00 pm. Friday, 5.00 pm. Saturday, 8.30 pm. Sunday, 6.00 pm FROM 17 JULY: Tuesday-Thursday, 8 pm. Friday, no performance. Saturday, 8.30 pm. Sunday, 6 pm.

Space Teatre Borràs

Duration 80 min

Language Catalan

Price 26 €

Other criteria Coproduction


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