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Green Book + WOM's Collective

Sala Montjuïc

Castell de Montjuïc - Fossat de Santa Eulàlia10/07

The most popular open-air cinema sessions in the city is back to the Festival with a programme that brings along new classics and current films which are accompanied by good music. Summer nights at Castell de Montjuïc.

Concert with WOM’s Collective

A jazz band who gathers together female musical talent of the Catalan scene, namely, Clara Luna, Laia Fortià, Anaïs Vila, Gessamí Boada and Magalí Datzira. All of them sing and play an instrument.

Projection of Green Book (EE UU, 2018), by Peter Farrelly.

The Oscar for the best film, the best original screenplay and the best supporting actor (Mahershala Ali) went to this film this year, in which Viggo Mortensen plays the driver of a virtuoso pianist who, because of his black race, must face prejudice and racism during a tour of the southern United States.


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green book


Discipline Cinema

Dates and schedules Wednesday 10/7 - 20:30 H

Space Castell de Montjuïc

Duration4 h

LanguageOriginal version subtitled in Spanish

Price 6.5 €

Directed toFrom Melbourne to New York

Other criteria International

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