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Simon Stephens

Directed by: Josep Maria Mestres

Sala Beckett - Poblenou - Sala de baix 30/06 - 01/08

In these uncertain times, let's put aside our anguish and instead look at uncertainty as an opportunity. A man and a woman, Pep Cruz and Silvia Bel, cohappen to meet at a station, and this encounter opens up a whole world of possibilities. We’re talking about quantum physics here.

Unless you're a scientist, it might well be that you've yet to discover who Werner Heisenberg is, but you may have heard of the assertion put forward by this German theoretical physicist in 1927 known as the Uncertainty Principle. It’s one of the foundations of quantum mechanics and, in simple terms, it states that the position of a particle or its linear momentum, i.e., the exact point on its trajectory, can both be known with precision - but not at the same time. It means that if you look at any particular thing or any particle that is in motion at very close range, you will know where it is, but it will be impossible to know where it’s going or the speed at which it’s moving, and vice versa. This is an elementary principle in quantum physics, and one that can also be applied to the human condition. Maybe this lack of certainty is a source of anxiety, anguish, and fear. Or perhaps not: It all depends on whether you see it as a threat or as an opportunity.  This is what Simon Stephens proposes in a production that uses a scientific principle as a metaphor for uncertainty in human life, showing us the world of possibilities opened up by the chance encounter, at a London train station, between Clare Burns, a 42-year-old woman, and Alex Priest, a 75-year-old man and a butcher by profession. What terrible, beautiful, sad, or wonderful things can we do to ourselves or to each other?

The story has been imagined by a British writer who is one of the best-known playwrights on the continent, and is the author of plays such as Port (Pearson Award for the best new play of the year in 2002), On the Shore of the Wide World (Olivier Award 2006 for the best new play), or Motortown, considered the best international play of 2007 by German theatre magazine TheaterHeute. His plays have been premièred in London theatres, including the Royal Court and the National, and have also been performed in other European countries, the USA and Australia. Simon Stephens is currently Associate Artistic Director at London's Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, and has been involved with Sala Beckett's International Summer Workshop for many years. In Barcelona, his play will be staged by Josep Maria Mestres, a leading name in Catalan theatre, who has directed both great classical works and more contemporary plays. Unes polaroids explícites (Grec 2001), Almuerzo en casa de los Wittgenstein (Ritter, Dene, Voss) (Grec 2010), Senyoreta Júlia (Grec 2012)and Amor & Shakespeare (Grec 2015) are some of the productions he has staged at the festival, where he now is now working with Sílvia Bel and Pep Cruz.

A Sala Beckett production.

Artistic card

Author: Simon Stephens Translated by: Joan Sellent Director: Josep Maria Mestres Performed by: Sílvia Bel, Pep Cruz Stage design: Paco Azorín Lighting design: Ignasi Camprodon Costumes: Mariona Garcia Characterisation: Imma Capell Sound design: Jordi Bonet Promotional video: Raquel Barrera Assistant director: Carol Ibarz Promotional photography: Kiku Piñol

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules From 30 June to 1 August 2021. From Tuesday to Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday 6 pm. Premiere: 5 July, 8 pm. Tuesday, 6 July, no performance

Space Sala Beckett - Poblenou

Duration 90 min

Language Catalan

Price 20 €

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