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HoHiHu. L’Horrible Història de la Humanitat

Farrés brothers i cia. Xirgu as a family.

Plaça de Margarida Xirgu 13/07 - 15/07

Instead of singing of human heroics and advances, this history lesson explains how these feats were achieved through the most inhuman atrocities. A cathartic way of laughing at ourselves.

Construction work on a car park has been halted due to the discovery of a possible archaeological site. A prestigious archaeologist has been sent to explore the area, but the team of people she had been promised to help her (which she has been waiting for days) never arrived. The expert, therefore, has only the help of one of the bricklayers working on the site... And the security guard who is watching over it. The excavations will uncover bombs, swords, weapons and other hostile artefacts. As they delve deeper into the layers of history, we will see that destruction is an inherent part of humanity and that we are one of the few species on the planet that self-annihilate instead of protecting ourselves. So harsh a reality that we have no choice but to contemplate it with humour. Because humour is the cure.

How many times, walking through the city, have we encountered a car park construction put on hold because an archaeological discovery has been made? How often have we peered over the fence – or seen curious onlookers doing the same – to see what is going on there? This curiosity is the key to the project. Curiosity... And collaboration in the game, as the public will soon discover that the discovery is over the top.

The show features the collaboration of the clown Marta Sitjà who is responsible for the direction, as the company was looking for the irreverent and provocative tone that she brings to the show. The language of the clown will play an important role in this production, which will also use the language more typical of the Farrés brothers, in other words, puppets.

This is the first street show by the  Farrés brothers, a theatre company that works with puppets, objects, gestures, words, dolls and unusual stories. Created in 2002 by Jordi Farrés, Pep Farrés and Jordi Palet, it proposes a theatre for all audiences, ironic, unsweetened and full of different layers of interpretation: they like to talk about powerful themes, from unusual points of view, in an authentic and non-moralising way.

A production by Farrés brothers and company.

This show is recommended for audiences aged 7 and above.

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Artistic card

Director: Marta Sitjà. Dramaturgy: Jordi Palet i Puig. Performance: Pep Farrés, Jordi Farrés, Alba Valldaura. Music: Jordi Riera. Scenography and puppets: Alfred Casas. Stage construction: Miquel Ruiz. Costume design: Nídia Tusal. Communication: Martí Rossell. Office: Maite Velazquez. Executive producer: Sylvie Lorente.

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules 13–15 July at 6.30 pm

Space Plaça de Margarida Xirgu

Duration 50 min

Language Catalan

Price Free entrance

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