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La Peleona / Carla Torres

Sala Versus Glòries 09/07 - 14/07

Stir people’s consciences without falling into the trap of easy criticism. This is the aim of a company led by five women that presents a satire of today’s world told as the story of an egg that refuses to hatch in a world of chickens. .

Maybe it makes no sense to hatch into a world such as this, one that seems so much like a production chain... The character reflecting in this way is a lonely egg that is about to hatch and turn into a chick, thus becoming part of a world of hens that will lay more eggs just like the character itself. These reflections will lead to a decision: it will refuse to hatch in protest. This would be no more than an anecdote were it not for the fact that, when they find out about their peer’s decision, the other eggs decide to do likewise and exercise their right not to hatch. The hens now have a unique rebellion to deal with: one that threatens to destroy their whole world. Because, if no more eggs hatch, they will certainly become extinct. They therefore try to persuade the eggs to give up their attitude ... Perhaps you have already found a few parallels between this apparently peculiar story and the world you live in. Because this theatre production in fact uses black humour, eggs and chickens to talk about resistance, about the need to fight for a better world and about inertia as the evil of our time. The show, cheeky and provocative, was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it matured during last year’s lockdown and became even more poignant and scathing than when it was originally created.

This is the provocative staging created by La Peleona, a company that, in spite of its short history, already has seven shows under its belt, including Broken Heart Story and Estat Decepció [Deception State]. The company is composed of Carla Torres, Clara Manyós, Eu Manzanares, Patrícia Mendoza and Ruth Talavera, a group of women from various backgrounds who have been addressing the wounds and vices of our time with a combination of humour and criticism, but without judgement, since 2014. Raül Perales has recently joined the company as producer, and this is his first joint production. The script won the 2019 R&D Odisseu Eòlia grant awarded by Espais de Creació Eòlia i+D jointly with Teatre Eòlia and the Barcelona City Council Institute of Culture to support new companies and shows that create and develop new languages ​​and new ways of doing things.

A La Peleona production.

Winner of the 2019 R&D Odisseu Eòlia grant.

Acknowledgements: Melcior Casals and Raimon Rius.

Artistic card

Created and directed by: Carla Torres, Clara Manyós Written by: Carla Torres Performed by: Berta Graells, Carla Torres, Carles Goñi, Clara Manyós, Eloy Pazos, Patrícia Mendoza, Ruth Talavera Set design: Anna Tantull Lighting and projection design: Quim Algora Music composed by: Jordi Cornudella Costume design: Zaida Crespo Sound space: Alejo Levis Stage movement: Berta Graells, Raül Perales Movement advice: Vero Cendoya Assistant director: Eu Manzanares and Carmela Poch Poster design: Alejo Levis Production director: Ruth Tavalera Executive producer: Raül Perales Distribution: Magrana Produced by: La Peleona Poster and show photographs: Nicolás Jódar Rehearsal photographs: Eu Manzanares

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Friday 9/7 - 20:30 H Saturday 10/7 - 20:30 H Sunday 11/7 - 19:30 H Monday 12/7 - 20:30 H Tuesday 13/7 - 20:30 H Wednesday 14/7 - 20:30 H

Space Sala Versus Glòries

Duration 90 min

Language Spanish

Price 14 €

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