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La nit urbana

Hip-hop philosophy at the Grec

Teatre Grec | 10/07

Grec Festival

Hip-hop culture fills the Teatre Grec with the most urban forms of music, dance and visual arts. Latin American and Barcelona artists display their art forms in a festival that also features participative activities.

Everyone is welcome at “La nit urbana”, an event that features a series of hugely talented artists with long careers, who will bring us an authentic, original show. They are local artists, although as you will see, many of them have deep roots in Latin America. This will be a glimpse of the most brilliant and spectacular examples of hip-hop culture. This art form is a reflection of a vibrant, dynamic society, although it often assumes an underground character and passes under the radar of the general public. “La Nit Urbana” is a magnificent opportunity to take a look at some artistic disciplines which, although they are generally developed in closed circles, this night are on display for anyone who wishes to enjoy the wealth and diversity of the hip hop universe.

A select group of beatmakers will be using the newest techniques and the most modern digital instruments to create a musical landscape full of textures. You will see a series of rappers with a special talent for improvising rhymes, a selection of great urban dancers capable of executing the most incredible movements and choreographies, and there will also be screened graffiti, a new way to enjoy an urban art form closely linked to the world of hip hop.

A date with the universe of hip hop at the Teatre Grec.

An El Ritme del Carrer production.

The show will be broadcast live by betevé and via the website on Friday, 10 July, at 10 pm. It will also be available on the online menu.

Artistic card

Director: Rudy Alvarado Mc Rap Freestylers: Xinako, Classic, Mini Jay, Karu, Maga, Sader, Rastachai, Element, Sefo, Giorgo mas platino, Zoyert, Finger, Taku, Kaos, Yellow, Jota Pinche Beatmakers: Ander Draw, Mario Boom Clap, Bugaboo Beats, Faku SPR, Tian Street dancers: Mouad, Sofi Bpanther, Ruth Prim, Nury, Miss Izzy, Break Bern, Chus, Misty-K Presenters: Mago Clyn, Empedernida










Multimedia gallery


Discipline Music

Dates and schedules Friday 10/7 - 22:00 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration150 min

Price 15 €

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