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La revelació

Jorge-Yamam Serrano

Teatre Lliure Montjuïc - Espai Lliure11/07 - 14/07

The phenomenon of whistle-blowers or network information filterers inspires a documentary theatre show delivered in the form of a technological thriller.

What would you do if you had open access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to classified material that could prove the abuse, corruption and illegality of both the government and large companies? The protagonists in this show are the three great digital whistle-blowers of today: Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. Their actions have led them into exile and imprisonment. On stage, we will see the three deprived, in one way or another, of their freedom.

Perhaps we associate these facts to the modern internet era, however they actually tell a very old story. These three characters remind us of the tale about the madman who shouts the truth in the middle of a public square and who is then accused of false prophecy, treachery or heresy and ends up imprisoned, murdered or exiled?

La revelació deals with the different types of modern censorship, the crisis of the media and journalism, freedom of expression, the forms of control used by governments and the new digital forms of resistance. All the dialogues, situations and documents of the play are real although, sometimes it may seem like they come from a dramatic fiction or an espionage story.

Jorge-Yamam Serrano leads this stage proposal. Since 2003 he has taken small format theatre to homes and real spaces with the TeatrodeCERCA project. He has directed, written and starred in the work Que vaya bonito, winner of the 2012 FiraTàrrega Award, finalist of the Max Award for the Best Revelation Show 2014 ... Surely you remember Camargate, a piece of documentary theatre that he wrote based on the recording of a meal that, a few years ago, shook Catalan politics. In this show, Jorge-Yamam Serrano works alongside Neus Molina, journalist and editor of Godot magazine, specializing in culture and performing arts, and who here contributes to the show with her advice on journalism, documentation and information processing.

A production of the Grec 2018 Festival of Barcelona, Cia La Rueda and TeatrodeCERCA

Artistic card

Director and Playwright: Jorge-Yamam Serrano Advisory and Communication: Neus Molina Interpretation: Ruben Ametllé, Cristina Gámiz, Xavi Sàez Assistant director: Marc Cartanyà Social networks and Digital management: Rubén García Audio-visuals: Nico Aguerre Executive Producer: Adriana Nadal Costumes: Eva Camino Dressmaker: Bàrbara Glaenzel Lighting design and stage space: Guillem Gelabert Thanks to: Centre Cívic del Parc-Sandaru, Infoflow, Gonzalo Boye, Germán Aranda, Davide Dormino, Dani Vilaró (Amnistia Internacional), Irídia, Irene Santiago , Andrés García Berrio, Simona Levi (Xnet), Stephane Grueso (Fíltrala), Críptica, Tnc, Sixto Paz Produccions, La Virgueria, Xesca Salvà, La Perla 29



Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Wednesday 11/7 - 21:00 H Thursday 12/7 - 21:00 H Friday 13/7 - 21:00 H Saturday 14/7 - 21:00 H

Space Teatre Lliure Montjuïc

Duration85 min


Price 22 €

Directed toIn company

Other criteria Coproduction


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