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La Veronal


Mercat de les Flors - Sala Maria Aurèlia Capmany 13/07 - 15/07

One world ends and another is born. A dance company at its creative best uses adolescence to talk about the pain of loss and about hope for what is to come.

Banished from childhood, adolescents long to return to play while at the same time feeling excited by the range of possibilities opening up before their eyes. They exist in a time of change which will define the way in which they come to see the world - a period that will establish the importance of the material and emotional worlds. La Veronal and Marcos Morau invite the audience to use their intuition and to activate their memory and their senses to explore the labyrinth of the company's performances. What are we seeing? Where is the way out of this labyrinth? Using a language that defies logic and immerses us in bewilderment, mystery and reflection, Firmamento aims to create a magical space that contains infinite possibilities and reminds young people that there are many possible realities beyond the one we live in.

With this production, La Veronal addresses teenage audiences for the first time and brings its talent and choreographic language - applauded on the world's most important stages - to new audiences. At the Barcelona Festival, the company opened the mouth of hell at the Teatre Grec in 2015 with Vorònia, returned in 2018 with Pasionaria, and strolled between Calanda and Buñuel's Paris in Sonoma (Grec 2020). For that performance, and for the following one, Opening Night (Grec 2022), the company won a Ciutat de Barcelona award. The company is led by choreographer Marcos Morau. Born in 1982 in Ontinyent (Valencia), Morau trained in dance in Barcelona, Valencia and New York, and also holds a master's degree in dramaturgy theory and has extensive knowledge of photography. In 2005 he founded La Veronal, a collective that brought together artists from fields as diverse as dance, film, photography and literature. Morau won the 2013 National Dance Prize from the Ministry of Culture, among many other national and international awards.

A La Veronal production.

Coproduced by Grec 2023 Festival de Barcelona, Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque, Mercat de les Flors, Temporada Alta, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Chaillot Théâtre National de la Danse, Festival Equilibrio - Fondazione Musica per Roma, Hessisches Staatsballett ( Tanzplattform Rhein-Main), Triennale Milano.

With the collaboration of Graner Centre de creació and Teatre L'Artesà.

With the support of INAEM - Ministry of Culture and Sport of Spain and ICEC - Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Artistic card

Conception and artistic direction: Marcos Morau. Production direction: Juan Manuel Gil Galindo, Choreography: Marcos Morau and performers. Performing: Àngela Boix, Jon López, Núria Navarra, Lorena Nogal, Marina Rodríguez, Shay Partush. Text: Carmina S. Belda, Pablo Gisbert. Voice-over Victoria Macarte, Nathaniel Ansbach. Dramaturgy assistance: Mònica Almirall, Roberto Fratini. Technical direction and lighting design: Bernat Jansà. Stage manager, machinist and FX: David Pascual. Technical suport on tour: Mirko Zeni. Sound design and music: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra. Music: Laurie Anderson. Set design: Max Glaenzel. Costumes design: Silvia Delagneau. Animated illustration: Marc Salicrú. Prduction and logistics: Cristina Goñi Adot, Àngela Boix. Traniee student Eòlia ESAD: Eduardo Méndez. Helmet and masks confection: Gadget Efectos Especiales. Puppets construction: Martí Doy. Dressmajkng: A.I.T., Laura Garcia. Set construction: Oscar Hernandez (Ou), Jorba-Miró. Transports: Pax 4Events. Photography: Benze Szemerey, Ima Miroshnichenko, Marina Rodríguez.

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Dance

Dates and schedules 13–15 July at 8 pm

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration 60 min

Language Catalan, Spanish and English

Price 25 €

Other criteria Coproduction

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