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¿La vida es sueño? o #gwenismürfila

Companyia Les Llibertàries

La Villarroel | 24/07 - 03/08

Perhaps this staging has something to do with the work of Calderón de la Barca. Or maybe not. It is difficult to know, but this is a work of philosophical-comic creation that speaks of post-truth, so leave the certainties at the door.

It's already past ten in the morning and Mar (artistically named Mürfila), one of the actresses of Is life a dream? Hasn’t come to the rehearsal. Maybe she could be found using social networks as they never sleep and have us controlled at all times. Maybe she could be sent a WhatsApp or check her Facebook, Twitter or  Instagram account ... Because possibly, through the networks, we might know something about it. But will what we find out be true? Or maybe everything will be conjecture, hypothesis or rumors?

From this premise, the company Les Llibertàries analyzes with humor, but also asking questions and looking for answers, a concept that has been shaped in our days and that we used to know with different names: yesterday it was manipulation and demagogy and today it is post-truth ... The show questions what is our individual responsibility in the creation of such monster and to what extent do we have evidence to show that what we are told or what we see in the networks and contribute to disseminate is really true. Or if, perhaps, it is that we do not care anymore because we live in a bubble, in a dream and we know that dreams are dreams.

It is the new performance of a company that became known with the show Llibert and here speaks of topics that directly affect us, those particular issues that end up constituting a reflection of the universal. A unique humor and a stage language, verbal and visual, furiously up to date are some of the features of this performance by Les Llibertàries.

A co-production by Les Llibertàries and el Grec 2018 Festival de Barcelona.
With the collboration of La Brutal and Badalona Cultura.

Artistic card

Author and dramaturgy: Gemma Brió i Norbert Martínez (from the creation process of la Cia. Les Llibertàries) Direction: Norbert Martínez Interpretation: Gemma Brió, Tàtels Pérez Technical-actor: Enric Alarcón Audiovisuals and video design: Mar Orfila Stage and costume design: Cia. Les  Llibertàries Lighting design: Enric Alarcón Sound design: Ramon Ciércoles Executive production: La Brutal



Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules From 24th July to 3rd August. From Tuesday to Friday, at 22:45 h. From July 31 to August 4, 20.30 h

Space La Villarroel

Duration80 min


Price 18 €

Directed toPassions

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