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Barcelona cultura

Lali Symon

Sergi Belbel

Teatre Romea 01/07 - 30/07

Emma Vilarasau demonstrates her acting skills in this tribute to the art of monologue. A show that combines comedy and tragedy. Do we really know the great stars? Do our idols show themselves as they are?

Lali is a big star, loved by her audience. She isn't exactly an actress, but rather a comedian. A monologuist, to put it more precisely. Her funny, ironic and heart-wrenching shows delight female audiences in theatres and on television.

What no one knows is the real personality and private life of the star, Lali Symon. And many people wonder whether this person - ever cheerful, witty, direct and uninhibited in front of an audience - is the same on and off stage.

We will thus see that, when the spotlights go out and she leaves the "public" eye of her monologues, she transforms into another person (or could we say another "character"?). In this space, she has a special and very intense relationship with two women who are decisive in her "private" life: her mother and her daughter, both of whom she has always kept on the fringes of her profession.

From that point forward, comedy and tragedy alternate in both spaces - the public and the private - through increasingly communicative channels.  Fiction and reality end up intertwined in a way that make them nearly indistinguishable.

A production of the Teatre Romea and the Grec 2023 Festival Barcelona.

With the support of ICEC - Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (Generalitat de Catalunya, Department of Culture), Barcelona City Council and INAEM .

National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (Government of Spain, Ministry of Culture and Sport).

The show has been financed by European Union Next Generation Funds, Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (Government of Spain), Next Generation Catalunya (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Accessible performance with audio description, overtitling and magnetic loop on 15 July, at 5.30 p.m.

Artistic card

Authorship and direction: Sergi Belbel. Performing: Emma Vilarasau, Mont Plans, Júlia Bonjoch. Set:  Max Glaenzel, Josep Iglèsias. Costumes: Nídia Tusal. Lighting: Kiko Planas. Sound space: Jordi Bonet. Characterization: Helena Fenoy.

Direction of production: Maite Pijuan, Executive production: Raquel Doñoro. Technical direction: Moi Cuenca. Technical coordination: David Ruiz. Director's assistant and stage manager: Anna Carreño. Technicians: Sergio Lobaco, Raúl Martínez. Marketing and communication: Teatre Romea. Graphic Design: Santi&Kco. Distribution: Sergi Calleja (Focus).

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules From 1 July to 30 July, Tuesday-Friday, 8 pm. Saturday 5.30 and 8 pm. Saturday, 1 July, only 8 pm. Sunday, 5.30 h

Space Teatre Romea

Duration 105 min

Language Catalan

Price 21,5 – 31,5

Other criteria Coproduction

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