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Les feres de Shakespeare

Els Pirates Teatre

Onyric - Teatre Condal | 29/06 - 28/07

Grec Festival

A daring and irreverent journey by the hand of Shakespeare in the form of a musical comedy. Three women determined to face a society that turn its back on them are the stars in a story full of entanglements, wit and humor.

We are in Padua, Italy, in 1594. The sun shines and the darkness of the Middle Ages is now far away. Man begins to suspect that the earth is round, he has discovered America and even the clitoris. Progress, art and science invade some newly paved streets. "The freedom of Padua is universal for the whole world," proclaims the motto of the local university. But between polished marble sculptures and fine silk curtains, we discover a society anchored in the past, based on patriarchy and medieval values. Man is center and measure of all things. What is, but, the place of the woman?

In order to break with the role that they have had to interpret and be whatever they decide to be, women are only left with one option: to show their anger. This is a brutal story about three women, Caterina, Bianca and Lucenzia, who through their intelligence, courage and determination will transform their destiny. Lucenzia disguises herself as a man and arrives in Padua to study at the university. Bianca embarks in a new path to discover her identity. And Caterina rebels against a forced marriage and undertakes a fight to free herself from her executioner.

The Barcelona company Els Pirates Teatre presents the third adaptation of a comedy of Shakesperare after Somni d'una nit d'estiu and Nit de Reis (o el que vulgueu). The music, the complicity with the audience, the dynamism and a direct and sincere style bring the classics closer to the current audience. Faithful to their trajectory and close to the tradition of Anglo-Saxon theater, the actors and musicians surprise the audience with their versatility, dedication and joy. This time, the dramatist and translàtor, Ariadna Pastor, and the composar, Ariadna Cabiró, turn the classic The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare. It is a penetrating, fun and necessary reflection on identity, gender roles, desires, dreams, reason and knowledge. Now it will be seen on stage and from women’s point of view.

A co-production of Els Pirates Teatre and 2019 Grec Festival of Barcelona.

With the collaboration of Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Onyric - Teatre Condal.

On July 20th, at 5:30 p.m., there will be a "relax function" which will have a more informal atmosphere. In this show the public will be able to move around the space if they need to, the lights of the room will not be switched off, and neither will there be any lighting effects, and the noise limitations will be less restrictive than usual. It is a show adapted to the special needs of groups with specific abilities, people who communicate spontaneously, or spectators with babies, among others.

Artistic card

Author: William Shakespeare Adaptation and translation: Ariadna Pastor (from The taming of the shrewMusic: Ariadna Cabiró Direction: Adrià Aubert Interpretation: Laura Aubert (Neus Pàmies, cover), Lloll Bertran (Maria Cirici, cover), Mariona Castillo, Ricard Farré, Laura Pau, Lluna Pindado, Arnau Puig, Jordi Vidal Piano: Ariadna Cabiró, Gemma Pujol Saxo, clarinet: Marcel·lí Bayer, Jordi Santanach  Scenography: Enric Romaní Costume: Maria Albadalejo Choreography: Anna Romaní Vocal advice: Sheila Garcia Characterization: Eva Fernández Assistant to direction: Bernat Cot, Ariet Lea Jelinek Lighting design: Lluís Serra Sound design: Jordi Ballbé Technical direction: Pol Queralt Stage manager: (In progress) Marketing and communication: Paula Arbós Assistance in communication: Ester Cánovas Design: Ricard Farré Video and photography: Jordi Ferré Graphic design: Jofre Mañé Production: Marina Marcos Assistance to production: Montserrat Farrarons Scenography construction: Lali Canosa Costume making: Goretti Puente Acknowledgements: Bernat Cot, Núria Cuyàs, Gemma Jansana, Kim Plana, Cava Llopart, Laia Pastor, Max Glaenzel, Gemma Roura, Mireia Hernàndez, La Cubana, Lloret de Mar Town Hall, Teatre de Seva, Col·lecció etnològica Puig Casas, Baobab fusters


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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules June 29-July 28. Tuesday-Friday, at 20 h. Saturdays, at 17.30 h and 20.30 h. Sundays at 18 h. Saturday, 29 June, 20 h. Sunday 30 June, 12.30 h

Space Onyric - Teatre Condal

Duration120 min


Price22-26 €

Directed toPassions

Other criteria Coproduction


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